Earth’s Best Happy Snax Crackers With Apple Cinnamon Flavor

Toddlers can drive their parents crazy when it comes to food, because sometimes it could be hard to find what matches the choosy taste of your child. Give them something they don’t like and they might end up on the floor screaming. Give them something they do like, and they’ll be munching on it in complete satisfaction for hours. When it comes to the tastiest toddler snack that’s also a great source of vital nutrients, you’d do well to try the Happy Snax crackers with apple cinnamon flavor by Earth’s Best. It’s never too late to start teaching your kids to eat right! This organic cereal snack is made with whole grain oat flour, whole grain wheat flour, cinnamon, organic evaporated cane syrup and natural apple flavors. All these ingredients give your tot up to 12 grams of whole grains per serving, as well as protein, dietary fiber, iron, zinc, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. The product doesn’t contain anything that would potentially harm your child’s body such as artificial colors, additives and preservatives. Best of all, this USDA certified organic snack is shaped into happy little faces to give your kid additional stimulation to try it.

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