Dried Organic Apricots by Now Foods

There’s a reason why Now Foods is one of the most famous companies producing natural and organic foods and supplements. The brand has always strived to do its best when it comes to providing the customer with affordable high quality nutrition. This time is no different, because these dried organic apricots set the bar very high in respect to premium dried fruits.

If consumption-safety, authentic taste and nutrient richness is what you’re looking for when choosing a healthy sweet treat, then these organic apricots would most probably be your cup of tea. The high grade dried apricots are as equally delicious as the fresh fruit itself, but have the convenience of long-term preservation and portability so that you can enjoy them at any time you please.

The organic certification guarantees the purity you seek from an edible. The dried apricots contain no pesticides, genetically modified organisms, herbicides, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives like sulfur.

Dried fruits like these are a terrific addition to oats, yoghurt, baking recipes and pastries, not to mention they taste fantastic on their own too.


Nutrition facts about apricots

Dried apricots are a very good source of dietary fiber. Furthermore, they also contain potassium, vitamin A and vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. With only 3mg sodium in 28g dried fruit, we can conclude that dried apricots fit perfectly in a low-sodium diet. Though being low in total fat (1g per serving), keep in mind that apricots are relatively high in calories. The same serving of 28g, which is around ¼ cup, contains 67 calories, so if you’re watching your calorie intake, make sure you measure how much you eat as a snack. Most of the calories in apricots originate from the fruit’s natural sugar content. Out of the 17.5g carbs in one portion, 15 come from the sugars, which equals to circa 90% of the calories.


Health benefits of apricots

Apricots are ought to be reckoned as one of the naturals food that benefit eye health. That’s because it is a good source of vitamin A, most of it which comes from beta-carotene. Besides for maintaining good vision, vitamin A is also important for healthy reproduction, immune system, bones, skin and teeth.

Since apricots are a great source of potassium, they pick up from its health benefits. Potassium is a mineral that serves as an electrolyte that aids in maintaining good fluid balance and preventing dehydration. Furthermore, potassium has the ability to help regulate normal heart beat and high blood pressure, stimulate normal muscle functioning, and strong bones. The daily value for potassium is about 4700mg, and a cup of dried apricots contributes with 427mg to it.

Apricots are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, with the soluble being a little more than the insoluble. 42g of dried apricot fruit guarantees at least 3g of fiber. Fiber is a really essential nutrient of our diet. It helps to maintain smooth digestion, normal cholesterol levels, and normal blood glucose levels. Perhaps it has something to do with its cholesterol-normalizing properties, but fiber is also key for a healthy heart. Research points that those who have a fiber-rich diet, have 40% less chance for having a heart attack. To add to that, other studies show that for every 1g of fiber you take daily, your risk of stroke is lowered by 7%. High daily fiber consumption may also offer relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, plus it may reduce the risk of having kidney stones and gallstones. Sufficient fiber intake reduces the chance for diverticulitis by 40%.

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