CoCo Libre Pure Organic Coconut Water

Have you been sweating buckets under the sun’s summer rays? Or is your intense workout causing you to lose your body’s natural fluid stores? Instead of going for the usual water, why not try nature’s refreshing elixir from young green coconuts that is a marvelous thirst-quenching beverage straight from the tropics! Try the CoCo Libre pure organic coconut water – the organic sports beverage that’s sure to give your body a rehydrating boost that will also tickle your taste buds. With only 60 calories in each 11-ounce resealable bottle, this healthy drink will definitely be your favorite summertime or workout companion! Whether you’re basking in the sun’s rays, engaging in sports or training at the gym, you’ll get that instant cooling kick from each succulent sip! Each bottle contains the delicious and nutritious liquid of undamaged fruits of wild-grown coconut trees in the islands of the South Pacific. The product is fair trade certified as it helps support over 300 farmers and their communities. It also contains no GMOs, no pesticides and absolutely no sugar or fat, so that’s good news for health-conscious individuals!

Health benefits of coconut water:

Organic coconut water acts as a natural hydration and energizing means, because it contains simple sugar, electrolytes and minerals to refill hydration levels within the body. Essential electrolytes included are: magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium, as the coconut fluid is particularly rich in the last two. Each 100ml of water has 105mg sodium and 250mg potassium. When combined together, they fix electrolyte deficiency in the constitution caused by diarrhea or intense workouts. That means coconut water can be a healthy sports drink alternative for athletes.

The wholesome beverage promotes good digestion because it’s a great source of dietary fiber and naturally occurring bioactive enzymes like: Dehydrogenase, RNA-polymerases, Acid phosphatase, Diastase, Peroxidase, Catalase and more. It is used to treat stomach flu, constipation, bladder infections, intestinal worms, malfunctioning kidneys and dysentery.

Coconut water may regulate high blood pressure. An unbalanced level of electrolytes in the human body can lead to blood pressure and because the coconut fluid is abounding with all of them, it can serve as an equilibrium mechanism. In some cases, doctors and nutritionists recommend that the healthy drink should be taken in the morning for better electrolyte balancing.

The natural drink facilitates flexible and healthy skin. When applied directly on the skin, coconut water has the ability to clear and tone it, so people with acne or other skin imperfections can find it very useful too. When taken orally, coconut water moisturizes the skin from within while considerably reducing skin oil.

Coconut water helps you lose weight more efficiently, because it has a very low fat content, it also represses the appetite and makes you feel satiated because of its rich nutrient content.

The wholesome liquid from the coconut tree fruits is also perfectly compatible with the human blood and is compared by some to real blood transfusion. It’s proven that coconut water’s chemical structure is similar to blood plasma, so in emergency cases it can be used for instant body hydration if used intravenously. In the past it has been used during World War 2 and today in some third-world countries to save lives.

Coconut water may prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Studies in the Philippines showed that drinking the nutritious water up to 3 times a week might reduce the stone size in the kidneys and hence avoid the necessity of surgery.

Today many think that the beneficial coconut liquid may be an anti-aging dietary supplement. Research studies imply that cytokinins that are present in coconut water show considerable anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging and anti-thrombotic properties.

Coconut water is rich in vitamins. It contains vitamin C and B complex vitamins like thiamin (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), folic acid (vitamin B9) and niacin (vitamin B3).

Joy Bauer, the resident nutrition expert for NBC’s Today show tells us all about coconut water

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