Caffeine Free Green Tea

Green tea is without question one of the most health-beneficial herbs on the planet, rich in catechin antioxidants (EGCG) and the L-Theanine amino acid. Its compound composition, however, also includes some amounts of caffeine. While for some that may be a good thing contributing to the energizing qualities of green tea, those who have caffeine intolerance and get the jitters, would find stronger green tea sorts being kind of a two-edged sword for them. That’s why products like this caffeine free green tea are made particularly for everybody who’s really looking to obviate caffeine, even in lower dosages.

This decaf Sencha tea has high purity and represents truly authentic Japanese herb ground in fine powder form for easier preparation. The decaffeination process is conducted via a water decaf method that doesn’t compromise the quality of the product. The benefits of caffeine-free green tea are still the same, as the better part of the antioxidants and theanine are preserved in the nutrient profile of the leaves, thus helping you being focused, rejuvenated and healthy in so many ways.

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