Cafe Altura Regular Roasted Organic Coffee

Drinkers of organic coffee may already know about Cafe Altura, the coffee milling company built by organic food enthusiasts in the late 1970s. Ground from beans grown by family farmers, this coffee is first hand-picked, then washed in rainwater and allowed to dry under the sun. Even the farms, many of which are located in Chiapas, Mexico, are certified as growers of organic coffee. Once shipped to the company’s processing center in Santa Paula, California, the beans are roasted and ground lightly in a high-quality burr grinder. The company produces them in small batches for a smoother, sweeter taste that preserves acidity and floral notes in individual coffees that might otherwise be lost in a large batch process.

The coffee is also vacuum-packed for up to two years of shelf life prior to opening. The can itself is both recyclable and reusable.

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