Bob's Red Mill Certified Organic Corn Flour

Bob’s Red Mill is famous for its diverse array of organic cooking ingredients, especially flour and grains. This line of certified organic corn flour is typical of Bob’s standards: stone-ground, and nutritious. Unlike the flour of some other brands, this one contains every part of the corn kernels, including the endosperm and the germ. Using the entire kernel means that the result is a heartier flour, which your body takes its time to digest slowly. The upshot is that you feel full for longer and enjoy sustained energy.

Using the full kernel also bequeaths the healthy flour with a bit more protein than it might otherwise have. The corn flour is both kosher, USDA certified organic. It is free of trans fats and cholesterol, ideal for making both breads and pancakes. The only ingredient in this product is organic corn. No preservatives, growth enhancers, or pesticides are used during growth and production.

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