Blue Sky Organic Soda

The refreshing taste of Blue Sky Organic Soda is simply incredible! This health-friendly product has no preservatives or artificial coloring because it’s an organic drink. Soda drinkers will love the classic cola taste and would find it hard to differentiate between other soda tastes. Only organic cane sugar is used to sweeten this beverage, no fructose high corn syrup is added to spoil the healthy feeling. Sodas are often seen to be bad for your well-being, but Blue Sky Soda company has succeeded in creating an excellent product to answer the demand and health care trend on the market. The drink contains no caffeine, it’s GMO free and certified organic!

Organic Ingredients

Cane Juice, Filtered Carbonated Water, Natural Cola Nut Flavor, Caramel Color And Tartaric Acid (From Grapes)

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