Blastix 100% Grass-Fed Beef Snack

Take delight in all the flavors of the Blastix 100% grass-fed beef snack – the all-natural meat sticks that are packed with exquisite taste for handy snacking wherever you go. Despite not being certified organic, it’s exclusively made to spare your healthiness, because it offers only the leanest grass-fed beef that is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, gluten-free, plus it has no nitrates, nitrites or MSG! Kids and adults alike will definitely be pleased by the premium quality of the individually wrapped 8-inch beef stick snacks and would definitely enjoy eating them on the go or at home. The advantages of the product go further, because it supplies your body with complete animal-based protein that would help you build lean muscle, so it’s a nice food for athletes and gym freaks. In fact, compared to other brands’ meat sticks, these are far better, because they have a lot less fat and more protein, not to mention again the quality and pureness of the meat itself. Each pack of 20 contains 5 scrumptious flavors that would make you lick your fingers:

  • Chipotle adobo with cumin – a fusion of flavors from the Philippines and Mexico. It has the signature chipotle taste with the added tang of adobo.
  • Floral coriander – a hint of light chile sharpness and fragrance of coriander
  • Hot & Spicy Cayenne – Want spice? You got it with this slow-burning but fiery and flavorful mix!
  • Mild Seasoning – packed with taste bud-titillating flavors that anyone can enjoy.
  • Sweet Cane Juice and Savory Sea Salt – the sweet and salty essences blend

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