Bell Rock Growers Organic Wheat Grass For Pets

Have you ever noticed your pet nibbling on the lawn weeds in the backyard? Don’t you wish there was organic wheat grass for pets that you can give them so they’d leave the potentially harmful plants alone? Good news is now you can get the Pet Greens Garden® self-grow kit by Bell Rock Growers and provide your pet the green nutrition they crave! These grass nibbles are perfectly safe, regardless of whether your pet is a dog, a cat, a reptile or a bird. All you need to do is add water, wait for about a week and you’re all set with a luscious organic plant that grows straight out of the bag and is ready for direct consumption.


Feeding guide

  • For cats, place the wheat grass in the feeding area to discourage them from nibbling on your other houseplants.
  • For dogs, add a few clippings to their dry or wet food to dissuade them from chewing on chemical-laden lawn grass.
  • For birds, place the pet wheat grass near their perch for a juicy veggie treat.
  • For other small animals, add fine clippings to their food for a boost of healthy nutrients.

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