Bare Organic Bake-Dried Apple Chips

The organic food company Bare Foods Co is renowned for its natural, unadulterated snack foods. Instead of greasy potato chips, this company produces organic bake-dried Fuji apple chips that fit far better in a healthy diet than their saltier alternatives filled with trans-fat. These 100% real organic apples include no additional sugar, no additives, and no preservatives. Fuji apples are naturally sweet, with an interesting crisp taste. Once dried into chips, they also have a crunchiness that makes them a good substitute for other flavorful snack foods. The only ingredients are the thirty apples sliced, dried, and packaged in each bag. This snack is not just organic, but vegan and gluten-free. Thanks to the natural nutritious properties of apples, the chips contain no cholesterol whatsoever. All of the health benefits of naturally grown apples are available in this eatable too. The product is high in fiber, low in calories and completely fat-free.

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