Artisana Raw Organic Cashew Butter

Like peanut butter, this organic cashew butter is spreadable and works well as a sandwich filling. Artisana, a Berkeley-based natural foods company which carries several lines of unusual and environmentally friendly spreadables, makes this health-friendly raw butter available for those looking for an alternative to standard peanut-based fare.

The cashew butter is made of 100% USDA-certified organic raw cashews. In fact, cashews are the sole ingredient, and no artificial colorings, fixants, or flavorings are added to corrupt the taste or the quality. For that reason, the natural oil in this edible may separate and rise to the top. A few quick stirs will give back its original homogeneity. As a creamy puree, it could very well play the role of an ingredient for sauces and smoothies.

Note: Though free of dairy, gluten, and peanuts, this cashew butter is manufactured in a facility that also handles tree nuts and soy.

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