Arrowhead Mills Organic Whole Grain Amaranth

Amaranth may just be one of the most overlooked pseudocereals that you could include in your diet. Used by Aztecs thousands of years ago as one of their staple foods, it has earned a good reputation and the byname “the golden grain of the gods“! Not only is it super easy to prepare, it’s also a protein-rich food that’s packed with minerals like calcium, phosphorous, dietary fiber and iron. In fact, it contains even more iron and fiber than white rice! But of course, your local grocer probably doesn’t stock their shelves with this unique little grain. So how can you get it? Luckily there are products like this organic whole grain Amaranth. Provided to you by the Arrowhead Mills brand, it’s not just any amaranth, since it has a completely organic status and a deep earthy and nutty flavor too. That’s the reason it blends so well with tons of different dishes, whether it’s pasta, rice, bread or even desserts like the Mexican candy called Alegria. Healthy eating is just a matter of changing your usual ingredients and replacing them with high quality, organic foodstuffs like this wonderful little super-grain!

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