Annie's Homegrown Organic Cheddar Bunnies

These organic snack crackers are reminiscent of the classic Animal Crackers as they are shaped like adorable cheddar bunnies. Annie’s Homegrown makes several varieties of bunny-shaped crackers, all meat-free despite their incriminating shape, and this exact variety is flavored with pure cheddar. The cheese used to create these treats is real – not a flavoring or artificial additive – and comes from non-GMO cows. The crackers also don’t contain hydrogenated oils, trans fatty acids, or saturated fats, and the wheat used for the making is also organic. Each bunny is bite-sized, just about large enough to fit on the tip of your finger. Like a certain other cheddar-flavored, animal-shaped snack, they are meant to be eaten by the handful.

For emphasized high quality, the cheese crackers are certified organic by Quality Assurance International. The company’s motto is “Eat Responsibly. Act Responsibly.” The company’s founder, Annie, was a believer in all-natural food, and that sentiment has stayed with the company into the modern era.

Organic ingredients

Cheddar Cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), Wheat Flour, Salt, Paprika, Yeast, Nonfat Milk, Cultured Whole Milk, Annatto Extract, Organic Onion Powder, Ground Celery Seed, Natural Vitamin E (to protect flavor).

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