Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Quinoa Pasta

It sounds great to eat health-friendly pasta made with the ancient seed quinoa! Gluten-free quinoa pasta is a lot more nutrient-rich than the regular one that the nearest food store offers. Produced by Ancient Harvest, this product lets you take delight in the strong nutty flavor of quinoa blended with organic corn flour. Owing to the super-seed in this pasta, you can take advantage of the fact it’s rich in plant-based protein, as it supplies you with all the essential amino acids. It is also rich in dietary fiber and some B complex vitamins. The nutritious quinoa pasta can be cooked for 4-6 minutes in boiling water, just be careful not to overcook it, or else it may lose its structure and fall off. The product can be used in every pasta recipe.


Organic Ingredients

Quinoa Flour and Corn Flour

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