Alvita Sage Tea Bags

The Alvita Sage Tea Bags contain a gift from nature called Diviner’s Sage/Salvia which comes from the Latin word for salvation. The beneficial herb has been used from many ancient people, including the Arabians who connected it with long life. The early Chinese even preferred sage tea to their own native herb and valued it a lot more. The American Indians also used it for the treatment of many health problems.

Except for its use in herbal medicine, today the Salvia herb is used as a spice for flavoring dishes. Depending on the meal, you can also sweeten it with honey, brown sugar or maple syrup. Some cooks flavor it with lemon or orange juice or cinnamon.

Here’s a more detailed info about the Sage tea:

  • It reduces cholesterol: This benefit was confirmed in 2009 by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 6 women volunteered for drinking the herb for 1 month. The results were lowering of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. The experiment also found that the tea inclines to increasing antioxidant activities which results in relieving dyspepsia/indigestion(hyper link)
  • Weight Loss: Many believe the herb can help in losing weight because it speeds up your metabolism.
  • Excessive Sweating/Hyperhidrosis: Some people drink sage tea to reduce profuse sweating, because it prevents the secretion of sweat. Still, scientific more scientific researches need to be conducted in order for this theory to be confirmed.
  • Breastfeeding: Some doctors believe that Salvia can be of aid to breastfeeding mothers dealing with an oversupply of milk or those who have a hard time weaning their baby from breastfeeding). Although the herb isn’t explicitly said to help mothers with an oversupply of milk, education groups like La Leche League International strongly support this theory.
  • Hot Flashes: Some evidence state that Salvia’s leaves can reduce hot flashes. For example, a study published in the Italian journal Minerva Ginecologica, scientists assigned 30 menopausal women to e 3 month treatment which included Sage tea and Alfalfa. In 20 of all women, hot flashes disappeared entirely and another 4 of them said they had some improvement.
  • Memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease: the Sage herb has been used for treating these age disorders for many, many years. Some research in Iran has shown cognitive function improvement in people suffering from mild or moderate Alzheimer’s disease and also anxiety reduction. In 2003 studies in England showed that patients taking sage oil had better word recall than those who didn’t take sage. These findings have been verified in other experiments further in time. The reason Sage helps in treating these conditions is that it prevents the loss of a chemical messenger in the brain called Acetylcholine which is found in very low levels in cases of Alzheimer’s disease. Despite all that, more researches need to be conducted so the science behind these claims can be unraveled.
  • Colds and soar-throat.

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