Alvita Organic Parsley Tea

Being among the world’s most famous herbs, parsley is often considered a simple garnish and many ignore its fantastic healing properties. It’s often used to counteract the strong odors of certain meat dishes. However, did you know that parsley also has its own health benefits and a nutrient-dense profile? It’s loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals. Featured vitamins are: vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, B complex vitamins like B9, B3 and B1. On the other hand the minerals included in parsley are: iron, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and manganese. There’s even a small amount of dietary fiber too. Other than being a healthy way of countering bad breath, it also supports a healthy urinary tract, but the positive sides of the greenish herb don’t end here, because it contains highly beneficial volatile oils that have been showed to prohibit tumor formation in animals and more concretely tumor formations in the lungs. The oils are regarded as a “chemoprotective” food and more specifically a food that can counter and neutralize certain types of carcinogens (like the Benzopyrene that’s found in charcoal grill smoke and cigarette smoke). So if you want to take parsley on a daily basis without constantly resorting to spicing dishes with it, maybe you should consider trying this organic parsley tea which is a supreme herbal supplement by Alvita that provides you the simplest way to get the important nutrients of parsley – in a convenient tea form! This naturally caffeine-free tea has a strong herbaceous flavor that will leave you pleased every single time. Have it with your breakfast, have a cup of tea during your lunch break, or sip some in the afternoon. To drink the parsley tea, place a teabag in a cup and add 8oz of boiling water. Cover the cup and let it steep for 10 minutes. Afterwards, gently squeeze the bag to get all the extract out. The recommended daily intake is up to 3 cups each day.

Watch what the nutritionist Susan Bowerman has to say about the health benefits of Parsley

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