Alter Eco Organic Mint Dark Chocolate

There’s no doubt that every chocolate lover will enjoy the heavenly taste of the Alter Eco Organic Mint Dark Chocolate. This velvety dark organic chocolate has a bold and brisk flavor. With refreshing crisps of peppermint, the edible bliss is a melt-in-the-mouth delight. The 100% certified organic ingredients make this product a part of the range of healthy sweets. Only high quality cacao beans are used for the making of this treat and with a slow and long cooking process no emulsifiers or artificial flavors are added. This extraordinary delicacy was crafted by a Swiss chocolatier to represent perfect gluten free and dairy free desirable confectionary. It is good to be eaten just as it is, or it could be served with vanilla ice cream to provide an amazing overall taste experience.


Organic Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Liquor, Organic Cocoa Powder, Peppermint Crunch, Peppermint Essence, Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla

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