All Purpose Organic Einkorn Flour by Jovial

Jovial is one of the companies that produce nutrition with healthiness and nutrients in mind, that’s why it’s among our highlighted organic brands. Yet again, they don’t disappoint us with their all purpose organic einkorn flour. Yes, einkorn is a species of wheat, but it’s not ordinary, because einkorn is the world’s original wheat, therefore it’s not only ancient, but it’s actually full of beneficial constituents, including antioxidants like lutein. This type of wheat is not touched by hybridization and modern, conventional agriculture. Jovial bring their einkorn from small Italian organic farms that know how to maintain the purity of einkorn. This flour is high extracted at 80%, meaning the better part of the germ and bran have been removed for lighter flour that keeps its freshness longer.

An unbleached and unbromated healthy alternative to modern wheat that can offer so much in terms of cooking results and nutrition.

This organic einkorn flour is manufactured in a facility that’s milk, egg, soy, tree nut, and fish-free. A top choice for flour for your kitchen.

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