22 Days Daily Mocha Mantra Organic Protein Bar

For a healthy lifestyle change that your body will appreciate, the Daily Mocha Mantra organic protein bar by 22 Days is sure to give you what you need in a nutritiously delectable snack. These bars are perfect for a protein-rich diet as they’re made with raw superfoods like organic almond butter, organic coffee, pure organic rice protein and hemp protein. Besides the muscle-buildup nutrients, there’s also a surefire combo of antioxidants and energy-enhancing ingredients! So you get all the goodness of these selected wholesome foods without the additives that you would usually find in a typical energy bar. These bars also contain zero gluten, and they’re 100% organic, vegan and kosher. So get your vigor and sufficient kick of protein with just one of these bars serving as your mid-day snack!

Organic Ingredients

Hemp Protein Concentrate, Rice Protein Concentrate, Raw Almond Butter, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Syrup, Coffee, Sea Salt, Inulin (Dietary Fiber), CHOCOLATE COATING: Dark Chocolate (Organic Cocoa Butter, Evaporated Cane Juice, Chocolate Liquor, Soya Lecithin)

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