100% Organic Orange Juice by Evolution Fresh

What drink could be more revitalizing when you’re thirsty as hell, than the good old orange juice?! But we’re not talking about the mass-produced juices that have loads of sugar, cheap concentrates, and preservatives. We’re talking about 100% organic orange juice, cold-pressed from premium non-GMO oranges, grown without the aid of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Evolution Fresh makes sure such a refreshing, and real vitamin C-rich fruit juice gets to your kitchen to impress you and your family with splendid taste and quality.

Besides high content of vitamin C, pure orange juice also has hesperidin and other flavonoids, which too fairly contribute to the drink’s antioxidant capacity. To boot, orange juice’s compound composition offers smaller amounts of magnesium, copper, vitamin A, folate, thiamin, dietary fiber and potassium. Because of the antioxidant powerhouse of orange juice, it has considerable immune-stimulating and cancer-protective properties. Furthermore, vitamins A and C are the reason why orange juice has strong kidney-detox benefits. At last, but not least, the folate found present in this magnificent drink can help for the production of new DNA and blood cells, and proper blood circulation.

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