If you’re into organic living like our team is, you know it’s something that can change your life for the better forever! Whether it’s choosing organic food over mass production, using organically-made cleaning supplies, reducing food waste and environmental pollution, or preferring sustainable agriculture and growing practices to conventional ones, and connecting with Nature itself, you are in a sense leading an organic lifestyle.

Benefits of Natural Weed Control for Home

Are you environment-friendly? Do you prefer eating clean, chemical-free food? Then leave Roundup behind and check out some of the benefits of natural weed control for home!

Organic Agriculture – Benefits, Future Opportunities And Challenges

Read about what organic agriculture is, what it benefits and future development opportunities are. Learn why it is superior to conventional agriculture and what challenges it is yet to overcome!

The Benefits Of Using Organic Deodorants (And Top 5 Organic Deodorants)

Once you’ve learn about the benefits of using organic deodorants, you’ll know that there is a better and healthy way of controlling the sweat and bad odor of your

What Is Organic Living And How To Lead An Organic Lifestyle?

Want to achieve a more natural and healthy well-being by reducing the bad influence of modern life? Learn what organic living is and how to lead an organic lifestyle!

Is There Such Thing As Organic Seafood?

Is there such thing as organic seafood? We’ll try to give you a definitive answer to that question! By explaining what organic fish is, the perks and cons of both wild

Why Are Organic Apples Better Than Conventional Apples?

Why are organic apples better than conventional apples? If you’ve always wondered that, then we might be able to give you more than a reason or two as an answer to that question!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

Have you always been wondering what the buzz about organic nutrition is? Here are the top 5 health benefits of eating organic foods that will prove the point of choosing real food over conventional, GMO junk!

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Sustainable agriculture practices aim to work with natural processes to yield a large, healthy crop that doesn’t damage the environment. They understand and work with the environment to gain benefit for everybody – us humans, the animals, and Nature itself.

The Perfect Self-Watering, Self-Feeding, Soilless Home Sprouter for Small Spaces

If growing food is something you want to do but you don’t have a garden, don’t feel low, because Modern Sprout is the perfect self-watering, self-feeding, soilless home sprouter for small spaces that will tremendously facilitate the entire process, regardless of your home’s space and type.

Why We Should Support Organic Produce

There are numerous reasons as to why we should support organic produce, but some of the most fundamental are: better food quality; eco-friendly growing techniques; building a strong economy for family farmers …

Should I Feed My Baby Organic Foods?

You’ve seen the green seal on the packages, and you’ve heard about those farmers markets, but you still don’t know the difference between conventional and organic foods?

There are three main reasons why parents who really care about their infant’s  should consider choosing organic baby foods.

Easy Guide on Growing a Moss Lettuce Basket

Are you living in a small home, in an urban area, where you don’t have room to plant anything, but you’ve always wished to grow food at home? This fun, crafty setup is ideal for lovers of greens who struggle with space issues.

Learn how to grow a moss lettuce basket – a beautiful, useful and healthy decoration for your home!

Growing Avocados At Home With AvoSeedo – the Avocado Grower!

AvoSeedo is a new type of avocado grower! It represents a plastic appliance that will help you grow your home avocado trees a lot faster and easier!

Top 5 Most Common GMO Foods

GMO foods are a lot more common than you may think! If you’ve set your sights on avoiding them, read about the top 5 GMO foods that are flooding the market.

Micro-farms and Their Impact on Our Food Supply

Why micro-farms are important? Because they are the source of pure, organic, highly nutritional food for the consumers! Micro-farms have the potential to supply humanity with more, and more naturally-grown food. Today, 15% of the produce available on the market is micro-farmed. You can help this percentage grow by starting a micro-farm yourself, or buy micro, either way you’ll be showing support that can make the difference!

Uses and Benefits of Organic Juices

Leave mass produced sugary sports drinks, and artificially flavored juices behind. Read about the uses and benefits of organic juices, and improve your life

5 Advantages of Vertical Gardens

Who says gardens have to be flat? Vertical gardens are ideal for both city dwellers and gardeners looking to up their game.

Easy, gorgeous, and catching on fast, you definitely want to know about this hot new trend in the green world!

Regrowing Vegetable Scraps

Once you know how to simply regrow vegetable scarps at home, there are 2 things certain – you’ll have fun doing it as a hobby, and you’ll save extra money!

Even if you could guess how to do it, you may be surprised at just how much of your grocery list you can resurrect from odds and ends!

12 Best Inside Herb Planters and Indoor Vegetable Growers for 2019 (The Ultimate Review Guide)

Growing food indoors is far easier than it sounds! All you need is the right indoor herb/vegetable grower and if you don’t know what to look for, we’re here

Tips and Tricks: How to Start Your Own Organic Garden at Home

We all want pure, nutritious and tasty food to be easily available, but nowadays that’s just not the way things are. If you too want safe-for-eating food that won’t harm yours and your family’s well-being in long term, but can’t afford it, take under consideration our tips and tricks on how to start your own organic garden at home! This could easily become your new hobby that will generate only positives, such as reducing stress, and providing organic, tasty and wholesome food for your relatives and yourself! If you’re new to this, don’t worry, as we have a detailed guide from A to Z.

Sprouting at Home and the Health Benefits of Eating Sprouts

Sprouts are baby plants. When a seed, bean, or nut begins to grow, it develops a tiny green tendril that would eventually become the stalk of a full-grown plant – unless, of course, you eat it first. That seed and tiny stalk is a sprout. When a plant germinates, its vitamin content can increase twentyfold, making sprouts a good source of vitamins A, E, B, and C. The seeds’ proteins also change remarkably. Sprouts also tend to be very full of enzymes that your body needs for all of its critical processes. The more of those you have, the better you’ll feel! Sprouting at home is an excellent option for locavores on a budget. Seeds are fairly inexpensive and readily available.

Organic Pet Food: A Good Choice for Everyone

With this post, we’d like to point out to you the differences between mass-produced pet comestibles and organic pet foods, and why the latter are by far the best choice for your domestic animal friend and their well-being. And in case you decide to change your pet’s nourishing habits for the better, we could suggest to you certain premium organic foods for both cats and dogs!

5 Free Apps for Avoiding GMOs and Pesticides

So you’ve finally decided: today is the day that you’ll switch to organic foods. Congratulations! You already know that you’ll feel better, be healthier, and enjoy tastier meals, but where to begin?

These 5 free apps are a great way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of green eating.

Organic Gardening – Organic Fertilizers and Bio Stimulants

Organic gardening is getting very popular these days, because people are starting to realize that the old-tradition ways of food production are a lot more beneficial to their well-being than the mass produced food that is flooding the market. If you decide to engage in the craft of home gardening, we’re happy to share some valuable information with you concerning things like healthy plant growth, organic fertilizers, compost, mulch, bio stimulants etc.

Why should we eat organic foods?

To answer the question “Why should we eat organic?”, we must comprehend the benefits of an organic diet. Generally this whole concept revolves around the fact that organic is better than GMO, because the GM fruits and vegetables have artificially added genes, that can have noxious effect on our bodies. Additionally, organically grown foods have not been treated with any pesticides or herbicides. They are shown to be energy rich and to contain more vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants than conventionally grown produce. Through organic eating, we also avoid chemicals like hormones, antibiotics and drugs applied to livestock.

Why And How To Soak Raw Nuts And Seeds?

Even certain healthy foods may cause your body some unwanted effects if you don’t consume them the right way. A good example for such superfood are raw nuts and seeds. Generally, they’re a rich source of beneficial fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and “good” enzymes, plus they’re a great healthy snack to munch on at any time. However, they also have toxins and enzyme inhibitors which are a defensive mechanism for the nuts, but are harmful to us, because they impede our own enzymes. Raw nuts also have phytic acid that prevents our bodies from proper mineral and vitamin absorption. But there is a simple solution to all of this – just soak raw seeds and nuts to lose these noxious matters.

Organic foods and organic farming: How did we come to the idea and turned it into a lifestyle?

The term organic farming was coined by Lord Northbourne in his book Look to the Land (written in 1939, published 1940). The initial concepts of organic farming were formulated by an Austrian philosopher by the name of Rudolf Steiner, even though at the time he called it biodynamic agriculture. The person that is considered the ‘father of modern organic agriculture’ is Sir Albert Howard as he was the first who had a scientific approach to the development of traditional farming methods …

Organic Food: Definition, Benefits and Understanding the Organic Food Labels

They say that history tends to repeat itself. For the past couple of decades the popularity of organic foods has been growing. They are an integral part of leading a healthy lifestyle, but what do we mean when we say ‘organic produce’?

Are there any benefits to eating organic?
Organic foods play an important role in healthy eating. They have certain benefits over conventionally grown produce …