Should I Feed My Baby Organic Foods?

First of all, lets answer the question: What is organic food?

In a nutshell organic food is edible produce – plants and animals, which have been specially grown using natural methods.

Before the age of industrialization, plants were cultivated in harmony with nature. Soil was fertilized naturally by animal manure or with compost.

Plants developed as nature intended, growing at their own rate and in quantities predetermined by unmodified DNA and by virtue of their natural environment.

The results were fruits and vegetables with optimum nutritional value, taste, size and shape.

In turn, these organic crops were fed to livestock raised in natural open pastures, animals were healthy and did not require antibiotics or hormones to stimulate growth.

Today, organic foods are grown with the techniques of our ancestors in mind. By necessity, commercially grown organic food is now a heavily regulated industry where individual countries each have their own rules that must be complied with to achieve certified organic status.

Now you would ask: “Why should I feed my baby organic foods?”

There are three main reasons why parents, who really care about their infant’s health, should consider feeding them organic baby foods:

#1. Higher nutrient content

Several independent studies have found that organically grown produce contains more nutrients than its non-organic counterparts. Because organic plants grow more slowly, (in normal rate), the nutrients form in balance as nature intended, whereas conventionally grown plants develop at an abnormally faster rate, causing the plant to expend energy growing at the cost of nutrient buildup.

#2. Absence of harmful synthetic chemical residues

The use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers is not permitted in organic cultivation. In addition to leaving a surface residue, pesticide sprays can also be absorbed by fruits and vegetables.  It is disconcerting to know that several chemicals used in conventional production, such as organophosphates, have been identified as being especially toxic and have been implicated in health and development issues in children.

In 2011 a list of 44 common fruits and vegetables were announced as likely having high pesticide residue. The news was released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a respected non-profit organization in the US.  In this list, popular fruits and veggies, of which many are commonly fed to babies and infants, (such as apples, strawberries, spinach and potatoes) were labeled as being “Most Commonly Contaminated”.

So, without standing on ceremony anymore, are organic baby foods better than the rest? Well, according to the many studies that have sought to compare the health benefits of organic vs. non-organic, there seems to be compelling evidence that organic foods are superior.  However, even without these studies, common sense seems to tell us loud and clear that food grown as nature has decided – delicious, high in nutritional value and free from toxic chemicals, is surely the way our bodies are meant to be sustained, and that by choosing organic baby foods, parents can be assured that a baby gets the best possible start in life.

#3. Non-GMO

No doubt this is another fundamental motive for a parent to feed their child organic eatables. Evading genetically-modified organisms is something every person and animal should do, because GMOs are created artificially in laboratories, they hide potential environmental and health risks.

A quick and simple answer to the question: What are GMOs?

In short: In genetic engineering or modification, scientists remove one or more genes from the DNA of a separate organism (like an animal, plant, virus or bacterium), and add them to the DNA of a certain plant they want to modify. And this is definitely something you wouldn’t want to associate your food habits with.

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