4 Basic Reasons Why You Should Choose Organic Meat

The consumption of organic meat and other organic food products have shown an increasing trend over the years. That seems logical, because there are good reasons as to why someone should choose organic food. If you are among those people who have made that significant shift to organic eating, then you know that it is not just the taste of these foods that drive you to be a loyal organic consumer. Today, even though vegetarian and plant-based eating regimes are getting more and more popular, meat is still one of the top 5 most consumed types of food around the globe, so if meat is a constant staple in your diet you should make the health-friendly and smart choice to go organic in that department. Below are just some of the many reasons why people should prefer to indulge in organic meat:

1. To support sustainable farming

The consumption of organic meat is tantamount to supporting those farmers who adhered to healthy farming practices that help maintain and promote the use of renewable and authentic resources. The farming practices of organic meat producers also emphasize the conservation of soil and water for a better environmental quality which benefits not just today’s generations but the future population as well. Thankfully, tradition and organics are something more and more farmers resort to. Take the cattle farmers behind Cleaver’s organic meat products for example. They believe that the consumption of meat must not be done just for the sake of satisfying one’s cravings and hunger. Instead, meat consumption should be coupled with strict adherence to certain practices that promote sustainability and healthy environment.

2. To avoid consuming harmful chemicals

Organic meat is devoid of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics. It is also free from ionizing radiation and does not contain additives, preservatives and chemicals that a lot of GMO foods usually contain. Organic meat is sourced from animals that were raised in a place where they have access to natural ad clean animal nutrition. For example, meat from the chicken and turkeys is sourced from animals that were fed natural grains, berries, seeds and insects. These animals were also raised under conditions that make them safe from the presence of toxic chemicals. Meat from bison and cows that were labeled as organic originate from animals that feasted upon pristine leafy green plants.

3. To support healthy food production practices

Why you should choose organic meat - cow grazing on pasture

For a food product to pass the standards of an “organic” label, the government approved certifier will have to inspect the exact place where the animals were raised. They strictly check whether healthy and environmentally-friendly practices are being observed in farming these animals for them to be able to pass the standards of organic meat production. Restaurants that claim to sell foods labeled as organic are also being inspected by a government-approved certifier.

4. To obtain more nutrients

The natural foods and natural environment in which the cattle were raised make their meat contain less saturated fat, which is also a plus. On the other hand, organic red meat also has 47 percent more omega -3 fatty acids than their conventional counterparts, as well as higher omega-6 fatty acids content. For those who aren’t completely familiar with omega 3s, they have been known to help reduce inflammation in the human body, which is one of the key reasons why people take them even in the form of a supplement. They also play a protective role against the development of cognitive decline and cardiovascular diseases, but further research is needed to study their beneficial effects on the human brain

Organic meat sourced from grass-fed cows were found to contain 30-50 percent more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than meat obtained from grain-eating animals. Experts reveal that CLA has anti-cancer and antioxidant properties that might help slow down tumor growth among individuals who have tumors in the colon, skin or mammary tissues.

So, the next time you order steak at a restaurant, make sure to do your homework first and see if they offer “organic meat”. You may find yourself spending a few more dollars, but with all the benefits of organic meat consumption, every cent you spend will certainly be worth it.

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