GMO-Free Cross Energizer by Green Guru Nutrition


The GMO-free Cross Energizer is a Green Guru Nutrition product that concentrates on optimizing both the mental and physical performance of all active people, men and women alike. Created with an ingenious formula, this pre workout supplement has what it takes to enhance different brain functions such as focus, motivation, ambition, working memory, calmness, yet alertness (we’ll explain why in a bit).

On the other hand, the product also improves your physical performance and lets you reach the peak of your athletic form. The functions of Cross Energizer allow it to be as effective for sport activities, as it would be if you were to have a college class that requires you to stay focused.

The other huge advantage of Green Guru Nutrition products is that they’re made with health-friendliness in mind. So basically you have a product that can make a difference in your performance and body build, while benefiting your well-being and helping you live a better life.

The formula of this product includes: Cordyceps Sinensis extract, Rhodiola Rosea, green tea leaf extract, yerba mate leaf extract, ginseng root, and coconut, as all ingredients are non-GMO certified.

Due to the sensibly designed formula, this healthy energy-enhancing supplement is able to provide pure jazz waves running through your body without nasty jittery effects and crushes. That’s owed to ingredients such as green tea and rhodiola. Green tea has a high L-Theanine concentration, and this amino acid has been known to promote alertness, making you feel calm and peaceful at the same time by stimulating the brain to produce alpha-waves.

What’s also worth noting is that this supplement plays the role of a synergistic ATP booster (thanks to the Rhodiola and the cordyceps sinensis). Adenosine Triphospate serves as an energy source not just for your muscles but for every cell in your body for that matter. Some call it the “human battery”, because it stores energy within the cells and unleashes it when necessary.

The GMO-free pre workout blend is also able to help you beat fatigue problems and stay in top shape for the next workout.

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