Fresh Pressed Organic Papaya Juice by Lakewood

Fresh Pressed Organic Papaya Juice

Lakewood is known for its unique organic drinks that range from all sorts of vegetable and fruit original juices and blends. This fresh-pressed organic papaya juice is made of just-picked papayas, rather than cheap concentrate, and packed in a BPA-free glass bottle. The result is a better-tasting pure product that includes more of the nutritional profile and taste of the original fruit itself.

As a source of antioxidants and phytochemical nutrients, papaya juice is a healthy choice to start a day at breakfast or to end it as an after-dinner beverage.

As a USDA-certified organic product, the juice is free of the harmful pesticides, chemicals, and artificial preservatives. The company also donates 10% of its proceeds to educational and charitable foundations, ensuring that global social and ecological environments will be healthy for generations yet to come.

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