All Natural Mind HD Nootropic by Green Guru Nutrition


Are you searching for an all-natural nootropic mix that gives your brain and body a fresh breath when you’re feeling stressed and low on energy? Our friends from Green Guru Nutrition have developed the all-natural Mind HD nootropic pack with a powerful formula to give both your mentality and body a unique uplifting feel of focus, strength and vim that will help you deal with your daily choirs, workout sessions, and the problems life puts in front of you on a regular basis.

This nootropic blend is designed to improve your brain functions through amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and other precursors for neurotransmitters, required for the optimal operation of our human computer. Furthermore, the product works to allow your body to use its energy sources more efficiently by increasing the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the molecules that store and move energy within our body. That’s how Mind HD works to supply you with constant clean burning power throughout the day, and apart from commercial stimulants it doesn’t bring a ton of side effects that jeopardize your health. The supplement aids in increasing blood cell count that betters the transportation of oxygen to muscles, which is another way it helps you feel energized.

So what’s in the nootropic pack?

–  Grean Tea Leaf Extract

–  Rhodiola Rosea Root

–  Ashwagandha Root

–  American Ginseng

–  Panax Ginseng

–  Vitamin B6

–  Vitamin B12

Every single one of these ingredients act on its own in a special way to promote a calm, focused mind and energized body, but together these form a god-mode stack that really gives a sense of great physical and mental state.

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