Why We Should Support Organic Produce

Over the last years we have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in organic foods all over the world. This is a good thing, because it means that more and more people think in the right direction, realize the health benefits of the organic foods and their impact on the nature.

Despite the hard regulations for organic food certification, because of the higher demand for organic food, the number of organic farmers has also grown during the past 15 years.

Some of the most fundamental reasons as to why we should eat and support organic produce are:

Better quality of the foods


Better Quality Of The Foods

First of all, there is no doubt that organic foods taste better. If you compare, for example, some of the most common GMO foods, like soy or corn, with their organic versions, you will notice the natural taste of the latter. The pure corn, raised from seeds that are not genetically modified, is sweeter than the GM one that has a fade plastic taste. Studies show that fruits and vegetables grown in healthy soil have an increased level of nutrients, like antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Less pollution for present and future generations

Less Polution

Avoiding pesticides and synthetic fertilizers will lead to the decrease of the overall pollution and more clean food. This is a major benefit for the present and future generations, because it’s a fact that an unborn baby is highly exposed to the risk of developing a lot of diseases in the future, due to the big amount of chemicals found in the food their mother may consume. Toxic substances affect the quality of the air, soil and water as well.

Build a strong economy for the small organic farmers

Strong economy for organic farmers

People should support organic produce for the simple reason that organic farming is developed according to nature’s laws and respects all living beings!

It may be true that conventionally produced foods are slightly cheaper but it’s no secret their quality and pureness is poor. When you think about it more profoundly, mass produced edibles may very much turn out to cost you more, because their potential negative effects on personal health could lead to bigger medicine expenses.

You may be surprised to hear that when you carefully plan your nutrition budget, you can have balanced and wholesome meals that consist of organic foods, spending even smaller amount of money, as if you would on conventionally produced food. Visit local farmers markets, buy at Whole Foods, no matter where you shop:

Every time you buy organic, you show your support for organic produce.



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