Same old question: What to cook today?

Foodie dice set for inspirational dinners

What to cook today?

If you often find yourself stuck with this question, then you might need some help to break the circle. That’s where this funny foodie dice set for inspirational dinners comes in the game to quickly solve your culinary dilemmas!

Foodie dice set for inspirational dinners

All you have to do is roll the dice, and rest assured that you can’t have bad luck with whatever they show. The variety of balanced meals is huge, because there are more than 186,000 possible meal combinations that will help you bring back the magic in your kitchen!

The foodie dice are made of fine wood and come in a special pouch. The set includes 5 primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient) and 4 seasonal veggie dice that are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. The protein dice feature both vegetarian and meat options on each side, so no matter your strict diet, you can always stay satisfied.

So what’s actually on the foodie dice?

What is on the foodie dice

Bon appetit!

The foodie dice set is available here.

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  • by Carrie Andrewson, post on | Reply

    I have a husband and two sons and sometimes I find it difficult to come up with a different meal every day. These dice may come in handy by giving me some great ideas

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