What Are The Benefits Of Food Dehydrators?

Dried foods bring fantastic gourmet experience, and they’re great for a balanced healthy diet. If you’re eager to go deeper into food dehydration while skimming on money in the long run (some dried foods cost a pretty penny), then why don’t you consider clearing little space on your kitchen countertop for a food dehydrator?

What are food dehydrators?

Food dehydrators benefits are numerous, but we’ll talk about them in a bit, first, let’s make a quick overview of the essence of a food dehydrator.

Food Drying has been practiced for thousands of years. It aims to preserve foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs, and animal proteins upon harvest by stripping them from their moisture, while retaining between 90% and 100% of their nutrients and their alkalinity. To boot, dehydration may drastically decrease the risk of bacteria growth in many types of plant foods.

In the modern day, the dehydration process is done via a device called food dehydrator, which uses a heating element and dry air flow to decrease the water content in edibles. Common electric food dryers are usually made to consist of either stackable trays or racks on shelves, depending on the type of the dehydrator. They also have an adjustable thermostat that generates heat and a fan that distributes it throughout the unit to evenly dry the food.

What are the benefits of food dehydrators?

#1 They Save Money

Just think about it. You make a one-time small investment, yet it pays off many times over. That’s because every time you want to snack on some delicious, nutritious dried eatables, you don’t have to pay the extra dollar, you can make them on your own at home, whatever you like, as much as you like, however you like!

#2 Food Dehydrators make food taste great

Food dehydration makes foods’ taste more distinct, which is definitely a great advantage of food dehydrators. In some foods, water thins out the flavor, and when it’s gone, the taste is able to distinguish itself a little better. Besides that, similar to freshly harvested food, dehydrated nutrition also has fresh and stagnant states. When you prepare it at home, you get to enjoy the freshness of dried foods.

#3 Help you eat all natural and organic

Here’s another reason why you should buy a food dehydrator. The mass-produced dried fruits, nuts and jerky out there contain unwanted anti-nutrients and ingredients, like GMOs, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, white sugar, artificial flavors, and colorings. For instance, many conventional manufacturers add sugar to dried fruits to saturate the taste. Others add preservatives to prolong the shelf life of edibles, but that also alters the taste of foods.

Jerky producers often add monosodium glutamate to enhance the flavor of dried meat, and though studies aren’t solidly confirmative, MSG has been linked to a number of potential health endangering side effects. When you shop all natural or organic, you have the opportunity to dehydrate the purest and cleanest nutrition. That allows for equally satisfying results, and the chance to keep additional sugar and preservatives at bay.

#4 Dehydrators help reduce food waste

A great benefit of food dehydrators! Besides using a food dehydrator to dehumidify just-bought fresh items, you can do the same with those that are going soft and are going to get spoiled in a couple of days. Do you have a basket of apples or bananas that are beginning to fade away? Or perhaps some beef that didn’t make it as part of this week’s meal plan? Whatever it is, just slice it into pieces and put it in the dehydrator to save it for when you feel like it. That’s how you can lower the food waste of your household. Here’s a stunning statistic: America only manages to waste food worth of $165 billion every single year! That’s a huge waste of food and huge waste of money.

#5 A food dehydrator helps you prepare healthy food for on the go

Let’s face it, many people out there tend to snack on fast food or packaged junk in their busy daily round. Besides a fresh banana or an apple, there aren’t many other things that won’t make a mess, and things you can quickly put in your bag and go out. Whether it’s for your kid’s lunch box or your midday break at work, you can always dry some fruits, nuts or jerky the night before to pack some goodness for when you are away from home and don’t have the time to sit at a restaurant. So in a nutshell, food dehydrators are what you need to produce your own portable, nutritious and delicious food.

#6 You can improve preservation and shelf life of foods

The reason why food spoils is its moisture. Nutrition dehydrators remove around 75%-80% of the moisture in food items. That’s why when it comes to preserving eatables for a longer period of time, it’s always better to over-dehydrate than under-dehydrate. After the dehydration process is completed, you must seal your items inside airtight moisture proof bags, jars or other containers you choose. A dry and cool space is preferred for storage, such as your kitchen cupboard or a pantry.

To substantiate the food dehydrators benefits in terms of conservation and shelf life, Birmingham Young University’s Department of Nutrition Diabetics and Food Science has determined that upon nice dehydration, when canned, foods like wholegrains, wheat and corn can last to 30 years and even more. Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and macaroni can go on to be preserved up to 30 years as well. Powdered milks can increase their shelf life up to 20 years.

#7 Nutrition Dehydrators don’t take much space

I know I said if you decided to get such a device for your kitchen you’d have to clear some space on your countertop, right? That’s right, but that space isn’t much, especially if you opt for the more basic round-shaped models that have stackable trays. Another one of the pros of food dehydrators in regard of space is the fact it shrinks foods a lot, which allows the user to fit more quantity into smaller areas. This is ideal for large families with little room, or camp and picnic stockings.

Now when you understand what the benefits of food dehydrators are, maybe you’d like to get one to satisfy your culinary enthusiasm and curiosity? In that case, let me point you to our top 7 food dehydrators review post to find out thorough information about the best dehydrators you can buy today.


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