9 Best Indoor Herb/Vegetable Growers for 2018 (According to User Ratings and Reviews)

Top Rated Indoor Vegetable-Herb Growers

To a serious foodie, winter means one thing: no more farmer’s markets. Luckily, if your locavore sentiments rebel against resorting to the supermarket, there are still plenty of options for eating fresh organic produce! Growing food indoors is far, far easier than it sounds, and your house will constantly be a delicious array of tasty and nutritious eatables! There are many indoor growers on the market, each with its own perks.

#1 AquaFarm v.2

AquaFarm v.2


AquaFarm v.2

As a creative person such as yourself, it’s just hard not to love this whimsical little AquaFarm system. If you want to start small, here’s a fantastic food and herb grower idea that even allows you to secure a healthy environment for your fish pet.

The herbs and other crops you grow on top of the tank also clean the fish’s water, so it will swim in a healthy environment. In turn, thanks to the natural cycle, the little fishie’s waste functions kind of as a natural fertilizer by nourishing the plants with minerals and other nutrients. Beautiful, smartly designed, and bountiful, an AquaFarm system will grow excellent leafy herbs and greenery, including cilantro, arugula, and wheatgrass.

#2 Houseables 5 Tier Stackable Planter

Houseables 5 Tier Stackable Planter

The 5 tier stackable planter by Houseables is another stackable, self-watering garden kit that’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Since it doesn’t include any electronics in it, you can place it in your yard, hang it on your ceiling or porch as a charming decoration that will supply you with fresh organic nourishment in the warm seasons. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be dependable on the weather conditions, you can situate the stackable planter inside, near a window so that the plants can absorb some natural light. Of course, you can always place an LED lamp above the indoor garden kit to get that job done.

The stacks are made of extremely durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors that prevent cracking and fading, plus it also withstands temperatures of up to 100 degrees. The self-watering system is also a plus. Every single one of the planter pockets have built in watering reservoirs. There are drainage grids that allow the water to strain down to the lower tier, until it reaches the final level which is the saucer tray. This eliminates the risk of dreaded root rot and over watering.

Every layer has space for up to 3 plants. When you do the math, with 5 separate tiers, you can grow up to 15 plants at once, which is quite a lot. Houseables offer a 90 day money back guarantee hence if you’re somehow unsatisfied with your purchase they will give you back your money. There’s really no downside here, so go for it.

#3 The Self-watering Indoor/Outdoor Herb Planter

Self-watering Indoor-Outdoor Herb Planter

Having a more natural and aesthetic appearance that reminds you of a beautiful garden, this planter is ideal for busy go-getters with no time to fuss over their plants. Similar to the previous model, this is a great self-watering herb planter that functions through a series of reservoirs that keep the soil moist on three overlapping levels of pots. It can hang beautifully from the ceiling (includes hanging chain), out of reach of kids and pets, or it can stand by a large window minding its own business until you’re ready to harvest your herbs.

If you want to have a natural kitchen decoration, or edible plants that can even improve indoor air  and simultaneously a food grower suitable for both indoors and outdoors, this 2 feet tall, all season self-sustainable planter will do the trick just fine. It’s made of durable, UV-resistant plastic containers that collapse for easy storage.

#4 Click And Grow Smart Garden Kit

Click And Grow Smart Garden kit

Click And Grow Smart Garden Kit2The Click And Grow smart garden kit is a relatively new kid on the block amongst home hydroponics kits. It comes at quite an affordable price, and though it allows for smaller crop yields, it’s sufficient enough to often allow you fresh herb supplies when you’re space in the kitchen is limited. What makes impression is that its design is so stylish and yet simple, that wherever you place it, be it on the kitchen countertop, window, or living room, it would look good even as a mere decoration.

You won’t have any trouble with the installation or maintenance of the Click and Grow planter. You won’t need any spare parts, pumps and additional nutrient supplementation all the time. The machine will do the hard job for you. All you need to do is insert the plant cartridges straight in the container, refill the water compartment, plug the device in, and you’re all set to grow your own organic food all year round, no matter the weather conditions. This compact and lightweight, all-in-one indoor gardening kit is designed with “smart soil” technology that includes a patented nano-tech growth medium that speeds up the growth of your plants without hindering their quality. The smart soil tech gives your crops the necessary amount of water, pH, oxygen and nutrients.

The device also has an energy-efficient LED lamp to supply your plants with the required light. This item is suitable for growing thyme, basil, parsley, sage, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, strawberries and even flowers. The possibilities are many, just grow whatever you choose! What’s also great is that the Click and Grow smart planter comes with a 100% replacement warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee. That’s a clear sign that the company cares about their customers.

#5 Chee Mong Inside Plant Grower

Chee Mong Inside Plant Grower
Chee Mong Inside Plant Grower2Chee Mong have the most beautifully designed home hydroponic kits. That means you won’t only get to grow your own healthy food, but you’ll do it in style and without making a mess with any soil. The sleek and modern appearance of this item will perfectly complement your kitchen countertop or even your desk, be sure of that.

Chee Mong too have their own patented nutrients that you use for sprouting your food without the presence of any pesticides, genetic modification etc. It takes only a couple of minutes to assemble and install the unit without any specific tools. Besides being meant for soilless cultivation, the technology used for manufacturing this compact indoor vegetable garden kit simulates sun light thanks to the intelligent light control.

Owing to the built-in sensors and smart soil function, your plants will receive the perfect balance of oxygen, water and nutrients. Planting is a breeze – simply insert your seed into the sponge, add the water and the nutrients in a cup, then put that cup to the constant value cup. Charge the light as soon as your germs start developing leaves. Replace the water and nutrients in every 2 weeks (don’t forget that the integrated smart lighting controller will automatically regulate the light).

The smart plant light can be manually adjusted to be used as a reading lamp (in case your planter is placed on a desk), so that’s just another versatile feature of this product. The light has an automatic and manual mode. If you want to change the brightness yourself, press the 4th gear switch. And that’s it! All you need to do now is wait for your crop to grow.

#6 EcoPro LED Indoor Hydroponics Garden Kit


Since having a compact garden all year round right in your kitchen and eating fresh organic produce that you know you’ve grown yourself sounds great, and EcoPro Tools have made sure it’s totally doable and a lot of fun, all thanks to their LED Indoor Hydroponics Garden Kit!

Also coming at a little more affordable price (right after AquaFarm v.2 and the stackable self-watering indoor planter) this is a stylishly designed, easy to use, smart food growing system that’s going to fit every contemporary kitchen perfectly. It has 5 separate growing pots that require no soil, therefore food/herb growing process will be mess-free.

Another one of this product’s pros is its high power, ultra-efficient LED panel that accurately emits light of the solar spectrum and can be adjusted in height.

#7 Future Harvest Development Sun Blaster Indoor Light Garden

Sun Blaster Indoor Light Garden

Future Harvest have a pretty good vision of what the future portable food planter should look like, so they created the SunBlaster grower! When most people think of planters, this is what comes to mind: a traditional indoor light garden that encourages plants to grow year-round by mimicking the sun. While a lot of people use these planters as decorative features (bulbs are available in red and blue for additional effect,) they’re just right for a good-sized kitchen counter, ideally near the stove for easy access to fresh herbs. This piece of food producing tech is built with nanotech reflectors that increase lumen availability , which increases fixture performance.

If you want to have succulent herbs or fresh, juicy veggies/fruits in hand, the SunBlaster won’t fail you in your effortless indoor growing experience.

#8 MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA

The Battle of Five Armies

MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA

MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA

MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA

Stay with us, because we’re almost at the finish line. The before last modern indoor garden in our vegetable growers review is the truly impressive MiracleGro AeroGarden ULTRA. This amazing vegetable and herb grower will produce anything from tomatoes to violets, to jalapeños in large quantities (which is something very few indoor planters are capable of) and might as well help you start your own organic garden! It features a control panel that gives you the power to tune conditions to whatever you happen to be growing, giving you precise guides on the whole process, from setting-up through harvest.

This ultimate indoor fresh food grower is also supplied with 3 high-performance, full spectrum fluorescent lights that substitute solar light. Similar to EcoPro’s Hydroponics kit, this one too is a soil-free home planter that lets you grow plants 5 times faster than soil! That’s how you can make sure you’re not going to run out of your favorite herbs, veggies, fruits, and even flowers!

The Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Ultra includes a 7-pod gourmet herb seed kit consisting of: Thai basil, Genovese basil, thyme, curly parsley, chives, mint, and dill.

All you have left to do is pick out what you want and just let your imagination grow wild!

#10 AeroGarden Bounty With Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

AeroGarden Bounty With Gourmet Herb Seed KitLet’s top off this post with the heaviest player in the indoor plant grower artillery – the AeroGarden Bounty! Again, this is an AeroGarden-produced device and one of the company’s most sold series, that allows you to grow quite generous amounts of organic power foods for an in-house planting tool. This soil-free indoor countertop herb grower allows you to grow more ample quantities of vegetables, fruits, herbs, salad greens, and flowers 5 times faster than other home hydroponics kits that use soil. When you combine this unique specification with the full-spectrum, 24 inch extendable, 45 Watt LED lightning system, you’ll get to enjoy 50% larger output than with any other previous AeroGarden indoor hydroponic system.

To make things even easier for you with the growing process, this unit has a fully interactive touch screen that can be set to remind you about the exact time you need to irrigate your crops. Furthermore, the touchscreen panel gives you timely tips and help functions to guide you through gardening experience, plus it also automatically turns the LED on and off.

Since this is a 9 pod vegetable garden kit, it arrives with: Thai basil, Genovese basil (x2), Italian parsley, curly parsley, chives dill, thyme, mint, and 3oz liquid plant food. So, all you need to grow your own, GMO-free, pesticide-free, and nitrate-free veggies, fruits, greens and herbs, is the AeroGarden Bounty gourmet seed kit, its patented nutrients and some water.

Don’t worry about setting the machine up. It’s easy-peasy. Simply put the seed pods in your mini garden, add the nutrients and water and follow the simple instructions displayed on the touchscreen. Let the home planter do all the hard work for you and enjoy greater yields throughout the entire year.