5 Free Apps for Avoiding GMOs and Pesticides

So you’ve finally decided: today is the day that you’ll switch to organic foods. Congratulations! You already know that you’ll feel better, be healthier, and enjoy tastier meals, but where to begin?

These 5 free apps are a great way to introduce yourself to the wonderful world of green eating.


Often the best way to find organic, locally grown food is by finding a farmer’s market, and one of the best ways to find a farmer’s market is with Farmstand. Not only does this useful little app give you the mapped locations of markets in your area, but it lets you share photos of the incredible stuff you find there, so that your friends using the app can see it too. Whether your acquisition is kohlrabi, muenster cheese, or blue eggs, you can be sure that other Farmstanders are curious to hear about it!

2.HarvestMark Food Traceability

You may already have heard of this app, because the BBC, the Washington Post, and several other news outlets have already focused on it. No wonder: HarvestMark unwraps the entire shopping experience! The word is “transparency”, meaning that the producer cooperates in making harvest and processing information available to the consumer. With HarvestMark, you can scan a barcode or QR code on the produce, see your food’s production history, and send feedback directly to the farmer or producer. Since it delivers information on how food was grown on its home farm, this app can help consumers avoid GMO’s too.

3.True Food

If you want to avoid GM foods, here’s another free handy app. A creation of the incredibly helpful Center for Food Safety, True Food was created to solve a fundamental problem with green eating: genetically modified food isn’t usually labelled as such. The app can also help shoppers identify organic foods and avoid foods that aren’t up to your standards. In case your phone already happens to be full of the other apps we’ve discussed, don’t despair: the CFS also has a handy, printable PDF guide to identifying modified and unmodified food, including ingredients in snack bars, frozen foods, and cereal.

4.Good Guide

There’s more to environmentally friendly food than meets the eye. If you want a product that you can feel good about in every single way, Good Guide is the app for you. This incredibly powerful shopping aide rates products based on their health value, the impact they have on nature, and how the manufacturing company treats its workers. Covering everything from cosmetics to bottled water, it takes much of the guesswork out of your weekly supermarket run. Plus, you’d never suspect which common brands already measure up!

5.What’s On My Food?

After identifying GMO-free, organic, ethical and environmentally friendly food, there’s one last healthy eating qualification for your shopping cart to pass: pesticides. Pesticides seem to be everywhere, but some products have more than others. What’s On My Food? was created by the Pesticide Action Network, which takes chemical samples from common foods, tallies the pesticides it finds, and makes that information available to you through their extremely informative app. This is a great way to decide what foods to buy organic if you’re considering a gradual shift. Also, as if knowing about the pesticides wasn’t useful enough, the app includes toxicology data on each chemical, meaning that you can be aware of the exact medical dangers of the pesticides in every edible before it reaches your plate.

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