The Perfect Self-Watering, Self-Feeding, Soilless Home Sprouter for Small Spaces

Plants are a fundamental part of Nature, just like us humans. That’s why we have a strong connection with them, and when we grow them properly, they will be grateful, awarding us with wholesome and delicious food, beautiful flowers, and healthy herbs.

If growing food or flowers is something you want to do, but you’re living in an apartment, deprived of the possibility to use a backyard garden, don’t despair because this right here is the perfect self-watering, self-feeding, soilless home sprouter for small spaces that will make plant growing happen irrespectively of your home’s type and space. Designed by Modern Sprout to be efficient on a smaller scale, this revolutionary planter will become a precious item in the kitchen of people who like quality cooking, eating, and people who care where their food comes from.

3-pot hydroponic planter

The home sprouter includes a top-feed hydroponic system providing nutrients and water all the way to the roots of 3 different plant species of your choice on a feeding regimen that is pre-programmed by you. This means you don’t have to worry not a tiny bit in case you forget to irrigate the plants or overwater them, the hydroponic planter takes care of everything. The machine is basically constructed to secure your home produce an ideal balance between nutrients, water, and oxygen.

Planter components

  • Top tray & 3/4 gal reservoir
  • 3 net pots
  • Clay pellet grow medium
  • 3 clear air tubes
  • 3 black feeding tubes
  • Water measuring stick
  • Eco-friendly air pump
  • Power adapter
  • Flow control valve
  • Pre-programmed timer
  • Solar panel, batteries & hanger (solar model only)
  • Organic liquid nutrients, seeds/plants not included


Home Planter
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Are you wondering how does the modern sprouter work?

It all starts with the programmable timer that controls watering frequency. When it goes off, it sends electricity to a noiseless, small air pump. The air pump on the other hand is divided into 3 tubes, one for each plant. Air bubbles travel up each tube into the water reservoir. From there, the air tubes connect with the plant-feeding ones. Because there’s only a single way for the bubbles to escape, they travel up the feeding tubes, taking along a small amount of water drops. These drops are transported right where they’re needed the most – to the roots. That’s how the small seeds will turn into fully grown plants in no time.

These are just technical formalities, you don’t need to figure them out, because your planter arrives pre-assembled, the only thing for you to do is adjust the timer, add your desired plants and water, then plug it in. Just wait a while, you’ll be enjoying every aspect of plant growing – from sprouting, to fully ripen veggies and fruits, to lovely flowers!


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