Organic Pet Food: A Good Choice for Everyone

It’s fine to buy organic comestibles for yourself, but what about your beloved animal companions? Believe it or not, organic pet food is a booming market! And no wonder, because the same processes that can make human food unsafe and unsavory, apply to pet food, too. In fact, there are additional risk factors for pet food that don’t necessarily exist in sustenance intended for humans.

Take kibble, for example. All other factors aside, tiny balls of compacted nutrients are not what nature intended for your pet to eat. Mainstream, non-organic kibble can include everything from beet powder to artificial chicken flavoring, none of which is likely to be part of a dog’s or cat’s natural diet. Of course, any and all of these products can contain the same harmful chemicals and questionable hormones that non-organic human food does. The process that creates those little kibble pellets is also doubtful. Called “extrusion”, it contributes to the creation of chemicals named acrylamides, cancer-causing substances that appear when carbohydrates are heated. By the time standard kibble hits pet store shelves, there isn’t much nutritional value left in it.

However, there are lots of new, healthier options out there for avoiding the health risks of mass produced pet chow. many  manufacturers of organic dog food use human-grade ingredients that are free of pesticides, herbicides, and hormones. Many also employ alternative methods of preservation, such as dehydration and high-pressure pasteurization, to ensure that their product retains its nutritional value. Organic cat treats and foods are also becoming widely available to health-minded consumers who are aware of the benefits. Newman’s Own and Castor&Pollux are among the leaders when it comes to health-friendly pet foods that are low in carbs while offering generous amounts of protein and other essential nutrients.

Many pet owners feel that their pets are happier and healthier when on an organic diet. While science has yet to prove that these diets are nutritionally superior to non-organic ones, there’s no question that your furry friend will ingest fewer dangerous anti-nutrients than they would otherwise. Many people who switch their domestic animal’s nourishing regime to organic, are content with the idea that their pets are eating as well as they are. Another advantage of the health-friendly pet eatables is that they contain fewer carbohydrates than mainstream pet food, which means organic food is a good choice for a pet that needs to shed a few pounds and maintain healthy weight.

Why switch your furry friend’s food to organic? The reason is the same as to why humans should go organic: it’s just better for the well-being and for the environment as a whole. Fewer pesticides and herbicides on the carrots and lettuce that are destined for your dog’s dish, ultimately mean fewer pesticides accumulating in groundwater and soil. Animals, like chickens, that are raised organically, are likely to have lived more natural, more wholesome lives than the hormone-fed ones.

Going green is a holistic journey that ultimately involves every member of your household. As a member of your family, your pet deserves to be there with you as you adjust to an Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Organic food for pets is becoming a household phenomenon and in this regard we’d like to present you the

3 Best Rated Organic Dog Foods

1. Newman’s Own Organics Canned Dog Food with Beef
2. Plato Organic Dog Treats with Chicken
3. Castor & Pollux Dog Cookies With Chicken Flavor

3 Best Rated Organic Cat Foods

1. Newman’s Own Organics Canned Cat Food (different flavors available)
2. Newman’s Own Organics Advanced Formula Dried Cat Food
3. Whole Life Certified Organic Cat Treats

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