9 Most Effective Fish Scalers For Effective And Fast Fish Scaling

Most Effective Fish Scalers

Working in the kitchen can be very messy, especially when you’re preparing foods for cooking. And while we’re on the subject, there are few other foods that can match fish in terms of annoying untidy processing. That’s because certain fish dishes that require skinned fish fillet are going to put your hands to some dirty, prolonged work.

Luckily for every kitchen enthusiast, there are different fish scaling tools that can tremendously ease this type of work by saving you efforts and time. In this article, we’re going to take a look at both electric fish scalers that take functionality even further, as well as more regular fish skinners that are pretty cheap, yet can beautifully do what they’re designed to. Being supporters of ergonomics, maximum functionality and time-saving tools, we’ll start with the…

Most Effective Electric Fish Scalers

Waterproof Rechargable Electric Fish Scaler by MaQue

waterproof rechargable electric fish scaler by MaQueFirst, we have MaQue’s professional automatic fish skinner that is able to provide you effortless fish skinning for less time. The cordless power handle design makes it highly ergonomic for usage, while the powerful engine, strong torque and the food safety 304 stainless steel roller blade secure a very efficient scaling process. The IP7 fully submersible water proof level ensures that you won’t be limited to using the tool only in dry conditions, meaning you’ll be able to wash it as often as you wish even during utilization.

This fish cleaner is held in high regard by many chefs that appreciate a quick and effortless fish skinning in their arduous and dynamic field of work .The product is powered by a rechargeable, long lasting 4.8V NI-CD battery that is able to last up to 2 hours of constant operating, allowing you to clean hundreds of fish. Being easily portable, the tool can be brought along when you’re camping.

What’s also a huge plus is the transparent protecting cover that prevents fish scales from flying around during work The electric fish scaler comes with a 1 year free warranty and a 24 hour e-mail service, which means the company’s team will assist you in any way possible if you have some kind of a problem with the item.

Powerful Electric Fish Skinner By QST

Powerful electric fish skinner By QSTQST are the company that have developed our second most favorite electric fish cleaning tool that allows users cleaner and quicker work when it comes to removing fish skin. The powerful 70W motor of this fish scaler generates 6500 rotations each minute, allowing you to skin multiple middle to large fish right away, which is a clear sign that this item is no joke and is totally suitable even for expert chefs.

Just like the previous model, this one too comes with a plastic cover that protects you during work and is totally waterproof, so don’t worry about washing it after use. If you want powerful and reliable functioning, this is the tool to get. The only drawback is that it tends to scatter some of the scales during work, which according to us is a small sacrifice for the profound efficiency it offers. Comes with a 12V charger to charge the battery when it’s exhausted. Weighs 2.4 lbs. Easily portable.

Compact Electric Fish Scaler by Fine Dragon

Compact Electric Fish Scaler by Fine DragonThe Fine Dragon electric fish scaler is a compact electric skinner that gets the job done flawlessly, and it’s possibly the most comfortable one to use, thanks to its quite ergonomic handle. Though being a cordless model, this item is able to generate an impressive torque. Adding the high quality stainless steel roller blade, you are guaranteed a rapid and efficient fish skinning of larger fish.

The Fine Dragon scaler is able to work for 2 to 3 hours before finally requiring charging, hence you’ll be able to clean several stringers of fish without a hassle. Fine Dragon also comes with a plastic cover above the blades for maximum safety and the prevention of scale splash. What people also report about this automatic fish scaler is that it’s very resistible to rust, which is another one of its pros.

With sizes of 11.6*3.15*4 inches and weight of only 2.4 pounds, this is truly an easily portable kitchen tool that can be brought in a backpack pocket wherever you go, and won’t take much space in a drawer or cupboard. The package also contains 1 rechargeable battery, charger adapter, brush heads and a manual. This product too comes with a 1 year warranty and a 24 hour email service. Speaking of the most effective fish scalers on the market, this is definitely a product worth having.

Professional Electric Fish Scaler by Skinzit

Professional Electric Fish Scaler by SkinzitDid the last 3 models not make a good enough impression on you? Do you think they would be insufficient for your preferences when it comes to cleaning multiple fish as fast as possible and with no waste flying around your table? Then allow us to start bringing in the heavy artillery with the professional electric fish scaler by Skinzit. Though this unit isn’t cordless (it plugs into an AC outlet), it’s easy to use and control, plus the capacity it has in terms of fish cleaning is superb (matched only by the next item we’re going to review in a bit).

With this tool you’ll eliminate the chance for any mess, because it removes the whole skin at once, rather than removing scales gradually.  That means that for many people out there, this may be the best fish scaler. What also sets aside this professional electric fish skinner is that it’s able to clean rib bones along with the skin, though you should keep in mind that it’s possible to leave some side bones, so sometimes you might need a knife to quickly finish the deboning. The huge button on the front side of the handle represents the safety feature of Skinzit.

That means the machine won’t start if you haven’t pressed it. If you want to start skinning, press and hold it, then press the small button on top of the unit. Don’t worry about cutting your fingers on the stainless steel roller while working, because they’re not as sharp as they look, yet enough to “bite” the meat and perfectly separate the skin. When you’re done with skinning, the roller blades will be all covered in scales and meat so you’ll have to clean them. For that purpose, remove the rubber stopper and the metal tap that you see on the side. Flip the metal cover, give it a little twist and pull out the shaft that holds the drum. Then pull the drum and wash it in running water.

Here’s a video that shows how the Skinzit electric fish scaler works:

Tumble Drum Automatic Fish Scaler by Open Country

Tumble Drum Automatic Fish Scaler by Open CountryIf you want to have the absolute power house in fish scaling, then we’ll do you a solid by introducing you to the tumble drum automatic fish scaler, courtesy of Open Country. This huge capacity stainless steel drum with a geared electronic motor is able to scale 50 pan fish all at once! That means you won’t find another fish scaling tool that can skin such quantity for minimum time without you moving a finger in the process! This machine is perfect for hard core fishermen and cooks. It makes taking the fish from the stream to your plate a breeze.

Have you spent a sunny day fishing at the river, lake or by the sea? Did you get an ample catch? With this ultimate electric fish scaler you won’t have to deal with any mess cleaning it when you get home. All you have to do is place all your catch in the stainless steel drum, add water to the fill line and turn on the Open Country tumble drum. While you’re relaxing on the couch or doing some sort of a house choir, the drum will automatically scale all the sea food in 20 minutes or less. The tumbling rotation carefully removes the scales, leaving the meat washed and preserved. This is a portable fish scaler machine, hence you can use it in both outdoors and indoors, as long as you have access to AC power. The steel drum is built to be very resilient and long-lasting, as well as removable for easy cleaning. After cleaning, the leftover water can be poured down the drain or used for flower irrigation.

The geared electric engine is secured in a water-proof housing. It works quietly, yet it’s rather powerful. The tumble drum arrives with a solid polypropylene tub that is resistant against mildew and odors. What’s also a great bonus to the package is the Fish & Game Fishing Station that totally withstands cracks, cuts or warping. It’s like a tray, specially for processing fish, fowl and small game. It’s designed with a tilt back to draw fluids away from the work area. It also has small side walls to prevent liquids from spilling. Overall, according to us, this is the ultimate fish scaler.

Most Effective Regular Fish Scalers

Brass fish Scaler by Yamasho

Brass fish Scaler by YamashoIn case you don’t want to spend the extra dollar for an automatic fish skinning tool, there’s always the option for a regular one that is a lot cheaper. Take Yamasho’s brass fish scaler for example. Its highly ergonomic wooden handle makes fish skinning comfortable, and the serrated brass sawtooth will help you remove scales few times faster than a knife and on a deeper level, not to mention it won’t have the high amortization of plastic fish scalers, so you’ll be able to use it for a long, long time.

What also makes impression is that when you clean the scales, the better part of them get accumulated in the space between the brass slots, so scale flying is highly restricted. Still, if you find that there are more scales flying around than you’d like, you can use it to skin the fish underwater, let’s say in your sink. Definitely a great fish cleaner at a negligible price, a best seller at that. Sizes: 8”, weight: 1.6 oz.

5955 Aluminum Fish Scaler by Nantucket Seafood

5955 Aluminum Fish Scaler by Nantucket SeafoodIf you want an even more compact and lightweight fish cleaning tool, the Nantucket Seafood company have just the product for you – the 5955 aluminum fish scaler. It has a creative design, because it’s in the form of a small fish. Made of durable aluminum, the tool effectively removes unwanted scales and provides easier containment of them, which lowers the mess and leaves you with a clean, appetizing fish to cook and feast on. To process a fish just scrape the tool against the grain from the tail to the head, as if you were imitating a stroking move.  Sizes: 6 x 3.5 x 11.5 inches, weight: 1.1 oz.

Big Norm’s Magic Fish Scaler by Tackle Factory

Big Norm’s Magic Fish Scaler by Tackle FactoryBig Norm’s Magic fish scaler is perhaps the second largest best selling fish scaler in the category of non electric scaling tools, therefore it’s more recognized among online shoppers.  Apart from other traditional scalers, using this one won’t cause flying scales all over the table or kitchen countertop, it’s easier to use and covers a bigger area of the skin, meaning you’ll deal with the task faster.

The product is manufactured from high impact plastic, therefore it won’t break, rust or corrode. What makes this particular tool unique is the way it functions, and that’s via the special so called “magic fingers”. Just place your fish on your board or other working area and start rubbing the tool against the scales. After you’re done, wash the magic fish scaler easily.

2 Piece Fish Cleaner By Foyojo

2 Piece Fish Cleaner By FoyojoWe’re at the finish line of our highlight of the most effective fish scalers you can find on the web and we’re going to finish strong with this multi-functional 2 piece fish cleaner that is brought to you by Foyojo. What sets this item aside from the others is that there is a small stainless steel, rotatable knife (folded in the handle) that is used for slicing the fish’s belly.

On the other end you have the stainless steel serrated blade that lets you remove the scales rapidly yet safely, because it is not designed to be razor sharp. You shouldn’t worry about scattering scales all over the place too, because the fish cleaner is made with a plastic scale collecting case with lid. That means you’ll keep your kitchen neat and eliminate the necessity for after cleaning.

The handle itself appears to be quite ergonomic, it fits nicely in your hand and doesn’t skid during use. There’s a small hall at the bottom of the handle which you can use to hand the tool. Dimensions: 1.5 x 10 x 3.6 in. This Foyojo product is a great option to consider among many other fish skinners on the market.