Growing Avocados At Home With AvoSeedo - the Avocado Grower!

Avocados have been praised as a superfood for many, many years, as they’re an incredible nutrition bomb (they contain plenty of plant protein, fiber, heart healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, and a number of phytochemicals), ready to nourish your body at any time of the day! Those who love it and are keen on growing it themselves at home, will welcome AvoSeedo with open arms. It is a sort of an avocado grower, designed to help the pit of the wonder-fruit to accelerate its germination, which results in having a grown avocado tree faster.

So, what is AvoSeedo and how to grow avocados at home with it?

AvoSeedo is a small plastic bowl that has an indentation with a hole in it. Place an avocado pit inside the hole with the “flat” end faced down. Then put the entire Avoseedo appliance in a relatively big container filled with water. Because the plastic avocado grower is light in weight, it will stay on the surface at all times, as the water level decreases. AvoSeedo will sink accordingly. Keep the container (for instance a pot) constantly filled with water, so the avocado seed can always stay wet. All the space beneath AvoSeedo will let the new avocado roots grow and spread freely.

To learn more about AvoSeedo, watch the presentation video below.

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