Easy Guide on Growing a Moss Lettuce Basket

How to Grow a Moss Lettuce Basket

Are you living in a small home, in an urban area, where you don’t have room to plant anything, but you’ve always wished to grow food at home? This fun, crafty setup is ideal for lovers of greens who struggle with space issues.

How to grow a moss lettuce basket – a beautiful, useful and healthy decoration for your home

First, acquire organic lettuce seeds, a wire basket, organic potting soil, a good organic fertilizer, and some sphagnum moss.

Then start the lettuce seeds in planters until they’re big enough to be rehoused.

Set the root ball of one of your lettuce plants at the bottom of the wire basket so that the leaves poke outward. Pack sphagnum around the root ball, and add soil and fertilizer, then water until the soil is saturated. Congratulations, that’s your first layer!

Keep building layers in this same way until your entire wire basket is full of little lettuces poking out all over the place.

As they grow, trim the leaves for salads, and your lettuce basket will keep producing fresh, beautiful greenery for the entire season.


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