6 Food and Health Related Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes

We live in a world where mass produced foods are meant to bring money to major producers, rather than safely and properly nourish people’s bodies and minds. Fortunately, more and more individuals are starting to realize it, and tend to resort to healthier choices, in order to preserve their well-being, and avoid potential diseases, caused by prolonged consumption of conventionally produced edibles, filled with anti-nutrients. Foods such as hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, chocolates, and all sorts of other processed snacks, contain hydrogenated oil, trans-fat, monosodium-glutamate, preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup etc. Even eatables that are labeled “healthy” and “low-fat” contain many harmful constituents like the ones we mentioned, so we should maximize our nutrition education and always be aware of what we’re eating. The best thing to do is stick to real, unprocessed, natural food. So in the spirit of what we’ve just discussed, we’re going to say a few words about 6 food and health related documentaries that will open your eyes about what you’re putting in your shopping basket.

1. Food, Inc.

Upon its release in 2009, this study stunned many viewers, when TV and movie screenwriter and director Robert Kenner exposed the shady methods of global food production that is in the hands of multinational corporations seeking solid profits above all else. Many people started to realize how massive food business really is, and how low the health and safety conditions are for workers and animals. Watch the movie online .

2. Forks Over Knives

This one has a very interesting title, but what’s even more intriguing, is that it has been called “the film that can save your life” by the Chicago Sun-Times’s famous film critic Roger Joseph Ebert. better known as Dr. Oz also praised the documentary, saying everybody needs to watch it. The topic of Forks Over Knives gravitates toward the concept that almost all (if not all) degenerative diseases that affects us, can be restrained, in many cased even reversed, by giving up on the most common human menu that includes animal-based and processed foods. The title is available for immediate streaming, should you be more interested in it.

3. Food Matters

Along for its catchy name, this documentary became more famous for the claim that over-industrialization of food production leads to more people getting sick more often. The other interesting and key point that Food Matters touches, is the incorporation of chemicals in foods labeled as “healthy”. The movie shows how Americans consume nutritionally-poor foods, and the rising expenses they have for health care. It gives the viewer a circumstantial argument about its thesis, and suggests solutions for the problems it presents. Available for instant streaming .

4. Hungry For Change

Also creatively named, this documentary thoroughly looks at mainstream food production and exposes rare truths about nutrition and food that aren’t featured in the commercial food discourse. The film also belittles some common weight-loss and diet myths, and provides certain methods that may help you drop your bad habits and start living a healthy life. Watch it .

5. Supersize Me

The creator of this popular documentary is Morgan Spurlock. The movie throws us a plain argument why fast food makes us overall unhealthy and leads to obesity. Mr. Spurlock decided to prove his theory by jumping on a 30-day challenge which allows him to eat only from McDonalds. The other part of his work included traveling around the country, interviewing regular Americans and nutrition experts. If you’re looking to cut your fast food consumption, the Supersize Me documentary may stimulate you to do so. Watch it .

6. Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

In this one, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who is a holistic health care provider, challenges 6 diabetic Americans to stop consuming dairy products, meat, alcohol, sugar, and other potentially noxious products, and start living on a raw, vegan, organic diet. The purpose of the whole experiment is of course, to reverse their chronic disease, eating solely raw plant foods. The film follows the experience of all these six individuals, and comprises their emotional, physical, and medical alteration on the specific diet. At the end of the documentary, the viewer realizes the huge impact that healthy eating habits may have on our bodies and minds, and the capacity to naturally treat our diseases from the inside-out. Available .


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