Introducing: Enzo’s Private Selection (One Of The Top Organic Matcha Producers)

Enzo is a relatively young company that has been growing rapidly the last few years and its team has managed to emerge on the map when it comes to providing the health-conscious consumer with top grade teas, like the organic matcha lines they’ve been successfully distributing on the market, with thousands of satisfied customers across the United States. The factory where the brand’s premium products are manufactured, was built in the late 90’s and was the first factory importing an advanced Japanese assembly line machine to make Matcha and Sencha green tea. The sustainable farmers who grow this matcha, have unique attitude when it comes to growing the crops, because they treat them like they’re part of Life itself. The diligent farmers even sing to the plants while working and always take care of them with precision. Maybe the special attitude towards towards the cultivation is one of the key reasons as to why this company is regarded by more and more people as one of the best matcha manufacturers out there.

In the Beginning:

Before Enzo’s Private Selection was established, it all started with a young college man named Andy, who was trying to find a source of clean, long-lasting energy boost that didn’t result in tremors and heart palpitations, so he could keep up with the endless studies.

Addiction To Coffee

During the first years of his academic life, Andy didn’t have much of a choice when it came to such energy and alertness-boosts, as the most obvious options were conventional energy drinks and coffee. Since mass-produced energy drinks are presumably the worst choice, he began resorting to coffee, which too turned out to bring more negatives. He grew into a coffee addict, drinking averagely of 8 cappuccinos a day, which resulted in excessive caffeine consumption and crashes, so in the end Andy became overheated, could no longer concentrate and started experiencing anxiety. He knew coffee was the culprit, but he had a hard time finding a better alternative.

Entering the World of Green Tea

Andy liked travelling a lot and one of his Asian journeys led him to Japan where he visited a tea farm. Once he tried the local green tea and experienced the wonders of this herb for himself, he quickly figured that matcha was going to help him break the vicious coffee addiction cycle.

From that moment on, this young man decided that he wanted to help other coffee addicts and educate as many people as possible about the great health benefits of matcha and its vigor and focus-enhancing qualities. To make sure he had the purest origin of matcha, Andy traveled throughout Asia, until he found some of the best organic matcha on Earth and that’s when Enzo’s Private Selection’s was born.

Enzo’s Private Selection Matcha Editions:

Drinking Grade Matcha

Organic Drinking Grade Matcha Powder

This is specially for avid every day tea drinkers who want a daily organic matcha powder that fits flawlessly in all sorts of beverages. From the traditional hot brewed green tea, to lattes, cappuccinos, juices,and smoothies, the drinking grade will provide the consumer with a light sweetness, silkiness and a reminisce of fresh grass-like scent and flavor.

The green tea plants are grown in shade, picked and then stone ground, so there’s no processing that may jeopardize the nutrients or add a chemical aspect to the final product. Unlike the super dosage of caffeine in coffee, matcha’s subtle natural caffeine presence and the considerable content of the L-Theanine amino acid, matcha is able to provide your organism with steady, and gradually-releasing energy, as well as a sense of calmness and slight alertness. Let’s not forget that being properly grown on certified organic green tea fields, Enzo matcha has an optimal level of catechin polyphenols that are known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and have been regarded as highly beneficial antioxidants. They are said to improve: liver and skin health, reduce heart disease risk, conquer infections, lower diabetes risk, prevent osteoporosis, hair fall and more.

And when you think about this matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea leaves, 7 times more antioxidants than dark chocolate and 6.2 times more antioxidants than goji berries, you fathom its real health-promoting properties. Enjoy the everyday goodness of matcha in any suitable drink and reap the finest green tea health benefits for yourself.

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Premium Classic and Ceremonial Mix Matcha

Organic Ceremonial and Classic Blend Matcha

According to us, this one right here is the reason why we consider Enzo’s Private Selection to be amongst the top organic matcha producers.  You can rarely see a matcha brand that blends different varieties, but this company has managed to do this in a sophisticated way. If you have any doubts about that, try their premium classic and ceremonial mix green tea. This product is not only perfect for tea ceremonies and any other special occasions, but its distinctive veggie-like scent (smells like something between dark leafy greens and dried tomatoes) and taste makes it ideal for baking.

Pancakes, muffins and crackers are truly a great choice if you want to test this premium matcha’s culinary application. Both varieties that are in the matcha blend are strictly made of shade-grown green tea leaves that are carefully stoned-grinded into thousands of small mashes, so tiny that they can pass through 1000 holes per sq. inch, which helps for easy dissolution in liquids and easy absorption by the human body (adding the high fiber content in matcha’s nutritional composition). Ceremonial grades are known to be the king in the matcha family, and they’re usually the highest in nutrients such as chlorophyll, theanine, fiber, and antioxidants, and when all of that is blended with a classic style matcha for broader use like cooking, you got yourself a really unique product.

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If our brand review got you curious about Enzo, you can visit their official website to learn more. You can check it here.

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