Do You Plan on Buying A Matcha Tea Set For Traditional Green Tea Preparation? Read Our Review Guide!

Table of contents:
  1. Intro
  2. 1. Tealyra – Connoisseur Ceremony Matcha Kit
  3. 2. Bambooworx - Authentic Japanese Matcha Set
  4. 3. Umami – Traditional Japanese Matcha Set
  5. 4. BambooMN - Matcha Bowl Set With Tray
  6. 5. Jade Leaf – Complete Green Tea Gift Set
  7. 6. BambooMN - Matcha Whisk Set
  8. 7. Elitea - Matcha Bowl Whisk Set and Container
  9. 8. LTLR - Traditional Matcha Whisk Starter Kit
  10. 9. Home Soul – CHAQI Matcha Tea Set
  11. 10. Tealyra-4-Piece-Traditional-Japanese-Tea-Set
  12. Conclusion

Matcha tea is a beverage rich in Antioxidants that has a vast array of benefits to our health, it improves our alertness, increases our immunity and vitality energy levels. So would you like to be able to not only enjoy quality Matcha Green Tea, but also prepare it accordingly to the traditional Japanese way? If you are enthusiastic to experience this special customary ceremony you should definitely look for a Matcha tea set that matches with both your style and aesthetic taste. The practice dates back centuries and has been an important part of Japanese culture and history, so we should honor and get informed to prepare ourselves when it comes to choosing a Matcha kit that fits smoothly into your schedule.

The traditional Green tea preparation ceremony has many elements that are quite demanding and specific since it really resembles a whole theatrical play, but when we take out the artistic performance and procedures we get to the core of this ancient custom, which is all in the tools, to correctly prepare a balanced in flavor and consistency Matcha tea to brighten our day! You don’t have to be an expert to start making this beverage in your daily routine but you should know the basics and do your research beforehand!

This is why in this guide we would like to present you with various options of Japanese tea ceremony sets. We have taken in mind a few specific criteria in our list such as material quality, items included, affordability, practicality and aesthetics. Depending on your needs and preference you might wish to consider getting a full traditional Japanese tea set that includes all the essential items, plus a matcha bowl, necessary for a more authentic and respectful representation of the custom.

So let’s begin our journey through the world of traditional Japanese Matcha tea sets.

1. Tealyra – Connoisseur Ceremony Matcha Kit

Tealyra - Connoisseur Ceremony Matcha Kit

First on our list is a complete 7-piece green tea set made of food-safe and high quality materials that ensures you will experience Matcha as it is and was intended in its original consumption. You are getting a Japanese produced Matcha bowl, Matcha whisk, whisk holder, Chasen whisk, a scoop, a stainless steel Sifter, a tray and as a bonus you even receive 50 grams of Tealyra’s premium matcha green tea powder. It all allows for a correct preparation process and getting the right flavor of your favorite tea in the comfort of your own home.

The bowls are made in Japan and simply look amazing! They come in a few different pattern styles and color depending on your preferred choice. All the tea tools are made of Chinese Bamboo which is the best possible natural material for such purposes. Another possible application of the set is its decorative and interior enriching potential.

Crafted to impress it comes in a beautiful box (12 x 9.3 x 4.6 inches / 2.6 pounds in weight), making it a perfect Matcha gift set for friends and family members on their special occasions. Overall a very convenient and practical set that has all the required items and would be ideal as a gift to any tea lover that you know!


2. BAMBOOWORX – Authentic Japanese Matcha Set


A natural Bamboo Japanese tea set that is hand crafted and intended to make you enjoy the authentic taste of one of the most beneficial drinks around the world in its full glory. If you are just starting and are new to Matcha kits Bambooworx have given you one great beginner’s kit that is sturdy and could easily deliver an elegant solution as you are getting used to the preparation process and are still learning. With these tools you can make Matcha tea in no time and still get that smooth and crème taste.

Conventional metal whisks are not the most suitable option at all, so if you want food-safe tools for long-term usage you should definitely go for Bamboo ones, they have been used for generations dating back to more than 500 years of tradition and culture. This particular Matcha tea set has vegetable oil finish for better durability and material enhancement.

The box is compact (6.6 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches), light (3.2 ounces) and has a full user-friendly instruction, on how to prepare your tea, carefully placed inside! Have in mind that you should regularly maintain and store your Bamboo tools properly for optimal long-term use and experience! A great deal for any aspiring tea enthusiast that is just starting to learn!

The set is without a bowl so you would have to prepare it in another ceramic container.


3. UMAMI – Traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Set

UMAMI – Traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Set

With the Umami matcha set you will be able to prepare both Usucha (thin tea) and Koicha (thick tea) in an authentic ceremonial manner. The Matcha whisk is handmade in a special technique that allows it to have 100 tines, which is just great for the froth of the drink. The Chisaku or scoop is lightweight and with a precisely curved end tip designed especially for Matcha tea usage and dosage.

The blue ceramic matcha holder fully protects the whisk as it dries and airs when not in use, that way it remains durable and in the same intended shape for longer periods and lasting exploitation.

This set includes a small bowl (5.5 inches long x 2 inches in diameter) and Matcha Sifter made of stainless steel to prevent lumps, since sifting is really important in the preparation process.  These two parts fit together and are used to avoid drips and spills. Taste and density also benefit from good sifting so always sift the powder before mixing it in to avoid any clumping; trust us this really does make a big difference to the overall experience you get and the level of satisfaction you achieve from drinking filtered tea.

Also keep in mind that Matcha tea does not dissolve, so it is best consumed immediately after you have prepared it!


4. BambooMN – Matcha Bowl Set With Tray

This green tea set effortlessly combines the authentic traditional outlook with modern simplicity with each bowl crafted individually and with precise attention to detail, making them all unique units. This set is designed to assist you in making a clump-free cup of smooth Matcha tea. It includes a ceramic Chasen, Bamboo Matcha brush and teaspoon, as well as a tray and one Chisaku.

All the Bamboo is from certified producers only and the company works actively with fair-trade and the best possible working conditions for its employees! This then results in quality without any compromise and an overall experience that will keep you coming for more!

Coming in different colors and at a size of 12.5 x 6.7 x 4.8 inches the set weighs 2 pounds and surely makes for a perfect gift to people interested in starting the ancient practice of the Japanese tea ceremony tradition, but also want to be contemporary at the same time, and make Matcha tea at home. A balanced product to think about if you are fonder of more up-to-date looks, and efficiency that has proven itself throughout the centuries.

It has a very authentic look and the bowls are among the best on the market at the moment! You will be able to have an amazingly relaxing hot cup of tasty and rich in flavor Matcha tea at the comfort of your own residence.
You just can’t go wrong with it!


5. Jade Leaf – Complete Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

Jade Leaf – Complete Matcha green tea gift set

Another complete Matcha gift set that has all the standard necessary items, but even better, this one has a few extra things packed in the box it comes in. The biggest difference here is that it includes a 30 grams tin of Classic ceremonial grade natural Matcha and a detailed preparation guide. The bowl and holder are stoneware and made according to the typical traditional sizes for maximum precision when distributing portions.

The Bamboo used in the production is sustainably grown and the company offers high quality products only to fully satisfy and cover your needs for healthy and organic production. The company is proud of their heritage and skill in crafting products that last and are effective in their long-term use.

By using the step-by-step preparation guide you are going to learn how to make Matcha on your own with ease so that you introduce it as a practice in your daily routine and get all the health benefits that come along with it. In our opinion this set is quite useful and could really make a difference in your life!


6. BambooMN – Matcha Whisk Set

BambooMN – Matcha Whisk Set

With this matcha tea kit for Matcha preparation you can really enjoy a tasty homemade tea. The set consists of 4 pieces which are; 100 tines Chasen tea whisk made of Bamboo, whisk holder (available in different colors), a hooked scoop and a special Bamboo teaspoon which is great to add honey to your Matcha tea. Even though it is more simplistic and does not include a Matcha bowl, it has everything else needed for a pleasant experience and could be easily introduced to people who are still novice in the tea ceremony practices.

Since each single piece is carefully handcrafted the holder is made individually and it not only protects and prolongs the usage span of the Chasen it also has a unique look and coloring. The Chasen comes with a clear display tube for even further protection from deforming or any damage to the tines!

With taking into consideration the proper proportions and requirements to make frothy in consistence tea the company has applied traditional techniques into the production process and has implemented only the best ratios in their Japanese tea ceremony sets. Speaking of measures the product comes in 5.3 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches and weighs at around 7 ounces. This small set could bring big changes to your daily tea consumption.


7. ELITEA Matcha Bowl and Whisk Tea Set + Container

ELITEA Matcha Bowl and whisk tea set + Container

A very luxurious and stylish set for green tea brought to you by Elitea in a spectacular way! It just feels exquisite and special, perhaps  also because of the great presentation and the full number of matcha utensils. A big advantage here is the spacious double-lid container for Matcha powder with a small spoon-like accessory in the really elegant shape of a leaf that just completely matches in design and looks so well crafted. The bowl has a specific shape and a dripper spout that protects against unwanted spills and this also makes it much easier to pour, which in turn adds another layer of functionality to this elite ceremonial Matcha tea kit. Another very important feature is the sifter that filters your tea and leaves it without any lumps when preparing it.

And last but not least this set has a special container for the whisk in order for it to remain protected and with a lasting intended shape. Here are the specifications of the package: 12.4 x 7.7 x 4 inches and 2.35 pounds in product weight.

So if you want to prepare authentic Matcha do use this authentic Japanese tea set.
Simply rediscover the world’s most potent in antioxidants tea with this high-end Matcha set. The bowl is quite sufficient to prepare tea enough for two people which is another significant advantage in favor of this product since you could be far more efficient and practical with it!

This is a definite pick in our books.


8. LTLR – Traditional Matcha Tea Whisk Starter Kit

LTLR – Traditional Matcha Тea whisk starter kit

This starter kit from LTRL has all the accessories necessary for your delicious Matcha in a single make your own tea kit for beginners. With its precise scoop and special handmade from a single piece of Bamboo wood whisk, this is a set to get you introduced to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It comes in two different versions of coloring with green and white whisk holders.

As stated before Bamboo is simply the best material for Matcha brushes since it is natural and region-based to Asia so make sure to use such tea tools rather than metal ones.  With this matcha set, you can make Matcha tea the way it is intended to be prepared and feel the difference in taste when using authentic and reliable products.

The products of the company are tested by third party inspectors and have passed all FDA guidelines and procedures. They do not contain any toxic varnishes and polishes so rest assured you are getting only the top quality of suggestions on this list.


9. Home Soul – CHAQI Matcha Tea Set

Home Soul – CHAQI Matcha tea set

To add a bit of variety to our list we have chosen the next product mainly for its style, different outlook and general presence & feel! The Chaqi (cha qi represents the energizing feeling you get from drinking top notch green tea and should not be mistaken for caffeine rush) matcha tea set from Home Soul is a unique pick for the list kind of feels a bit different in appearance than the rest of the products! This makes it distinguished and most definitely stands out with character of its own!

Prepare traditional green tea at home like never before with this stunningly looking Matcha cups by Home Soul. What you get included in the set: 1 Matcha bowl (called “chawan”), Bamboo whisk (called “chasen”), a scoop (chashaku) and spoon as well as a ceramic whisk holder.

The key significant difference and advantage of this matcha set is the amazing design of the Matcha bowl which has a polished, wavy effect (either in white, or in green+white) and is with quite the unique pleasing to the eye pattern like no other on the list. If you are looking for something a bit more different and outstanding than the standard items this is the right Japanese Matcha tea set for you! It could work as both practical and decorative item that would offer you to drink your beverage in style!

Also another great thing about this product is that the company values the customer experience so much they really are doing their best to keep you satisfied with your purchase!


10. Tealyra – 4 Piece Traditional Japanese Tea Set

Tealyra – 4-piece Traditional Japanese Tea set

We conclude the suggestions of our top notch tea sets with another pick from the Tealyra products line which made a great impression on us while researching for this list. It has a prolonged 100 tines Matcha whisk in combination with a stainless steel sifter, a pleasantly colored green ceramic whisk holder and a scoop that is also extra long and has a bit more curled edge for even greater precision when making your tea.

The main distinguishing trait of this product is the enhanced and bettered elements of the items in the matcha set. The customization and adaptive methods used here show the intention of the company to offer a variety of traditional and more modernized products to fully cover any needs of their potential clients!

Keep your whisk in shape and dry on the holder to have the best frothed Matcha tea you could wish for since it is an essential part of the process.

A set for Matcha preparation that should be in the hands of every person wanting to taste the authenticity of the Japanese green tea!



There are a few things that should be pointed out and be completely cleared!

Japanese ceremony tea sets are the way to go when preparing Matcha often or on a regular basis! But before we end on a high note here, we’re ought to say that a good matcha tea set calls for quality matcha, right? To be of maximum assistance to you, we have created a guide on rating the quality of a matcha product, so you can learn how to spot high grade tea from poor quality one.  Some time ago we also went out of our way to investigate and personally try a ton of different matcha manufacturers and have composed a review article describing the best matcha brands and their products.

Matcha provides enormous health benefits while bringing a sense of tradition into a busy modern lifestyle and is a wonderful way to surprise someone who is fond of Asian and specifically Japanese culture. It could show your cultural diversity traits and attitude towards the traditions of other nations and position you in a very high general health as well!

What should you look for in when choosing the right Japanese tea set? Here are our suggestions:

– If you are at the start of your tea-making journey look for a starter pack with just the basic tools
– If you have gained sufficient experience already and want to get to the next level of authenticity go for a full set solution that would bring you the right amount of satisfaction in both consumption and preparation on a regular daily basis
– A really important thing is to look for high quality Bamboo products, that will most certainly pay off the investment in a rich taste and frothy consistency of the beverage

– Another aspect to consider and keep in mind is the ceramic bowl and its benefit to the final taste of the tea
– The more tines you have on the whisk the better result you will get in your cup
–  Be respectful and honor the tradition as much as possible to get the feeling people had more than 500 years ago

So we hope you have found what you were looking for in our list and are now far more aware of the tradition as a whole! To finish off we want to wish you great moments in both the authentic preparation and regular consumption of this wonderful beverage that has proven itself across the centuries as a cornerstone of the cultural heritage in one of the world’s most ancient and mysterious lands!

Thank you!

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