Best Protein Rich Smoothie Recipes


Smoothies are one of our weaknesses when it comes to nutrition and cooking. When done right, they feel exceptionally good on the palate, plus they can also be highly wholesome depending on the ingredients you use. Speaking of ingredients, the different selection can push your delectable smoothie to contain more of a certain nutrient which your body particularly needs. And what is one of the most desired macronutrients ever? Protein, of course! Everybody who’s into healthy eating and sport activity craves for high protein foods every day, and smoothies are a delicious and convenient way to absorb a lot of it. Should you happen to be a smoothie addict too, we’ll be happy to share with you some of the best protein rich smoothie recipes (well, at least this is our list, but we have a pretty awesome taste, so we hope you’ll be pleased too):


Spinach Flax Protein Smoothie

Spinach Flax Protein Smoothie1

Spinach Flax Protein Smoothie23

It’s not by chance that we’re starting with this one, it’s definitely in our top 5 protein rich smoothies! If you’re looking for an easy way to drink your greens instead of eating them, you’re at the right spot.


Preparation Method:

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender.
  • Blend until you have as smooth consistency.
  • …read the full recipe here.


Cookie Oatmeal Protein Smoothie

Oatmeal Cookie Protein Smoothie1

Only the looks of this one can make you drool. It’s not exactly appropriate for a weight loss diet, because a serving has 34g of carbs, but if protein is your strict priority, then your satisfaction will be complete, because the smoothie guarantees you the impressive 27g of protein, plus 6g of fiber to help your digestion. This drink perfectly fuses the words “protein”, “taste”, and “appearance”.


Preparation Method:

  • Put all the ingredients in a blender, and smooth until you have a creamy homogenous texture.
  • …read the full recipe here.


Kale, Berry And Acai Power Smoothie

Kale Berry And Acai Power Smoothie1

Kale Berry And Acai Power Smoothie21

Hands down one of the most nutritious vegan protein smoothies ever! Of course it’s not strictly for vegans, but also for everybody who wants to nourish their body properly. Talk about a wholesome breakfast, this smoothie is beyond a doubt far better than a toast or any commercial cereal, plus it delivers amazing flavor and fullness. The ingredients guarantee you get an abundance of essential nutrients, from plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, to amino acids, omega fatty acids and phytonutrients.


Preparation Method:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a blender.
  • …read the full recipe here.


Almond Coconut Protein Smoothie

Almond Coconut Protein Smoothie23

Almond Coconut Protein Smoothie1

We couldn’t miss something for all the coconut heads out there (maybe because we belong to them too). The almond coconut protein smoothie is a way to do something nice for yourself even when you’re on a concrete diet, and adding the protein punch, it surely falls in our best high protein smoothies list.


For the nuts:

For the shake:

Preparation Method:

  • The night before you make the shake, mix the coconut, 2 cups warm water, salt, and almonds in a container. Make sure the nuts are covered in water. Pour some more if needed. Cover the container and let it sit at room temperature for around 8 hours. Soaking the nuts will help them activate their true nutritional power and release some specific inhibitory enzymes which aren’t very favorable to our organism.
  • In the morning, strain the coconut and nuts from the water. Add the almonds and coconut into a blender.
  • in the 2 cups of filtered cold water.
  • Add the protein powder, ice, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and coconut butter/oil.
  • Let the blender work for a few minutes (about 4 minutes with normal blenders) until you have a creamy texture.
  • …read the full recipe here.


The Perfect Homemade Protein Smoothie

The Perfect Homemade Protein Smoothie1

The name implies that this smoothie (can be consumed as shake too) is pretty much… perfect! It is called like that because it helps you cover your daily protein value (55g for man and 45g for women), but it also guarantees body hydration, recovery and regains lost electrolytes and energy upon workout. So basically you get the whole package you need with just one glass.


Preparation Method:

  • Just toss all the ingredients in your blender, and drink while still fresh.
  • …read the full recipe here.


Well, those were our favorite best protein rich smoothie recipes. We know there are tons of other varieties that are totally worth trying, so if you have any interesting suggestions, feel free to share them with us, we’re all about making and drinking delicious healthy smoothies!

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