13 Best Matcha Tea Brands To Buy in 2020 That Can Give You Unique Tea Experience

Table of contents:
  1. 1. Matcha DNA - Affordable Organic Matcha
  2. 2. Eco Heed - Superior Culinary Japanese Matcha
  3. 3. Aprika Life - Japanese Organic Culinary Matcha
  4. 4. Zen Spirit - Culinary Grade Premium Matcha
  5. 5. Kiss Me Organics - Premium Culinary Green Tea
  6. 6. Enzo - Drinking Grade Organic Matcha Powder
  7. 7. Jade Leaf Organics - Best Selling Matcha
  8. 8. Matcha Organics - Yame Ceremonial Matcha
  9. 9. Kenko Tea - Pure Ceremonial Japanese Matcha
  10. 10. Encha - First Harvest Organic Matcha Powder
  11. 11. Epic Matcha - Ceremonial Japanese Green Tea
  12. 12. Distinctly Organic - Classic Ceremonial Matcha
  13. 13. DoMatcha - Summer Harvest Matcha
  14. Enzo - Classic & Ceremonial Organic Matcha

In the recent years the buzz about the world’s most recognized type of green tea has been crazy. Nutritionists, athletes, tea consumers, and many other people are talking about it. To tell you the truth, me and my small team have been very into it for the last 3 and a half years, and I can honestly say that it has done nothing but good to the way I feel spiritually and physically, especially if I drink high quality matcha, as it gives me an extraordinary sentiment, like I’m capable of doing anything with great focus and energy, I’m on alert if necessary, yet remain calm. Ever since I got introduced to matcha, it has been one of my go to supplements for pre workout (I often combine it with clean branched-chain amino acids or arginine).

Matcha’s health benefits

If you too are eager to find the best matcha tea for your liking, first let’s take a quick look at what health benefits this herbal wonder packs.Health Benefits of Matcha InfographicI drink matcha because of the incredible antioxidant punch (7x more antioxidants than dark chocolate) it supplies my body with, as well as the L-Theanine amino acid that is responsible for the concentration and brain energy you experience upon drinking this infusion. I’ve tried a lot of products and I’ve come to the conclusion that I had to find out which the best matcha tea brands are, and try them myself to fully profit from this exceptional shade-grown green tea. That’s because with the popularity matcha has lately, it’s brimming with cheap products out there, products made to be sold almost at the same price as quality ones just to generate profit without providing the customers what they are really looking for. You may also want to learn how to rate the quality of your matcha. So to help you avoid the trial and error method yourself, we set out to find the best green tea matcha powder brands that would fully meet anybody’s high expectations.

Best Culinary Grade Matcha Tea Brands To Buy

1. MatchaDNA – Affordable Organic Matcha Green Tea

MatchaDNALet’s plunge into the matter with our first pick – MatchaDNA. Those of you who decide to bet on MatchaDNA may like their affordable organic matcha green tea so much, that their herb would eventually become part of your DNA. Now seriously, there’s a reason why I’m kicking things off with this particular brand, because it’s some cheap organic matcha that even the most suspicious of you new green tea enthusiasts would venture to purchase to see if they like what matcha as a herbal tea can offer. Let me clear things up before someone gets the wrong impression. I’m calling MatchaDNA’s organic matcha “cheap” not because it’s poor quality, but because the brand has really gone out of their way to make sure every customer gets the opportunity to buy organic matcha online that is top notch and at a very favorable price (a little less than 20$ for 340.19g). I would assume that this is one of the key reasons as to why MAtchaDNA’s regular matcha line has grown into a best-selling matcha green tea product.

The company’s mission is to provide drinkers with a feeling of good well-being, healthy living, and longevity. MatchaDNA like to deliver, inspire, delight, and allow you to experience first hand the ancient tradition of tea drinking, just like you should. They realize that money doesn’t grow on trees and it’s essential to be aware of the fact that when you are paying for something, you should be getting the full package of benefits it delivers. MatchaDNA uses quality green tea leaves from China, one of the 2 biggest green tea producing countries (the other being Japan of course).

MAtchaDNA has a rather dark, olive green color and an earthy smell. When you mix it with hot water and whisk it, there are very few small bubbles left and a bit of froth. The taste is overall more bitter than the rest of the products from other brands you’ll see below, so if you want to enjoy a creaminess, smoothness and distinct matcha flavor, maybe you should pick another brand, but it’s definitely very decent quality, especially for the price.

Matcha DNA also have a ceremonial grade matcha, so if you’re willing to choose this brand, you have this option too.

Buy it here

2. Eco Heed – Superior Culinary Japanese Matcha

Eco Heed

Need to get convinced that Eco Heed have superior culinary matcha compared to 90% of other culinary matchas? Then get their 30g starter package just to try it, we guarantee it won’t be the last! Eco Heed are proud to supply tea customers with some of the most vivid green, finely powdered matcha possible. Color is one of the characteristics you should check when assessing matcha quality. The paler, or even worse – more yellowish powder, means poor quality. Really high grade matcha bears a bright, succulent grass-like color, and this brand beats many other brands in that regard. So when you get up in the morning, brew yourself a cup of this natural gift to clear your mind, feel the inner peace and get a steady energy flow, minus the jitters you would get from coffee.

Eco Heed even send you a free matcha recipe eBook to help you set out on your matcha adventure, especially if you’re new to this magnificent herb. Adding the fact that this matcha is produced in the home of green tea – the Uji region of Japan, you shouldn’t think twice about the quality of this product. This company also produces ceremonial matcha, so make sure you check it too. It’s highly unlikely, but in case you’re disgruntled with their matcha somehow, just email them for a refund, and Eco Heed will give you back your money, simple as that.
For those who aren’t willing to spend the extra coin, this might be the best matcha green tea brand on the market.

Buy it here

3. Aprika Life – Japanese Organic Culinary Matcha Green Tea

Aprika Life – Japanese Organic Culinary Matcha Green Tea

Aprika Life is a new matcha brand under the sun, but trust when we tell you that they have already reached noteworthy heights in terms of selling top notch organic culinary grade matcha tea. The founders are a young husband and wife couple that fell in love with traditional Japanese green tea when they took a trip to Japan in 2017. There, they stayed with a Japanese family and learnt that they have been cultivating and producing authentic matcha for more than 800 years! They eventually partnered with the local matcha manufacturer to provide high quality matcha to Canada and the United States at a more affordable price.

What makes impression is that this organic Japanese green tea is certified organic by not 1, but 2 organizations – the USDA and the AINOU. For a culinary grade, rather than ceremonial, it has a very vibrant green color, we even dare to say it’s in top 3 of all premium culinary grades we’ve tried when it comes to that. When you smell the powder you catch a pleasant vegetable-like scent that reminds a bit of dried tomatoes, which makes this product great in not only sweet recipes, but also savory ones.

What’s also good is that if you stir good, even with a regular spoon you can get nice thin foam layer, which is again a good sign for quality. When you use a bamboo whisk, results are spectacular.

The taste of an infusion, prepared with this matcha is great as it is, even without sweeteners, milk or other ingredients. There isn’t any bitterness, only delectable slight taste of dried greens.

Bottom line – Aprika Life is a matcha producer that grown on us very quickly. Give their product a try, perhaps you’ll feel the same way.

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4. Zen Spirit – Culinary Grade Premium MatchaZen Spirit Brand

For many green tea enthusiasts out there, this could prove to be the best brand of matcha green tea powder. Zen Spirit really know how to bring the Zen in you with their enchanting matcha. Again, their tea comes straight from the capitol of green tea – Japan where it is grown in sustainable organic farms and powdered via a ceramic stone mill to guarantee safe and natural processing. Even if you’ve been a little short in cash lately, Zen Spirit can still offer 30g packs at a pretty affordable price, so that you can enjoy some top notch matcha like you should. Similar to our first product from the list of best matcha tea brands to buy online, this company too offers 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re dissatisfied from their product in any way, they’ll refund you, yet we tell you right now that chances for bad experiences are very slim.

Zen Spirit’s matcha naturally has a lot of antioxidants, more than half of which are Epigallocatechin gallates that produce new brain cells and provide potent anticancer support. This tea’s nutritional composition also includes a generous amount of L-theanine, an amino acid that incites the generation of serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitters, which is the reason why you get the Zen feeling of concentration and relaxation after drinking Zen Spirit matcha. Whether you choose to cook or brew tea with this product, you’re bound to experience all the potential of this precious herb.

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5. Kiss Me Organics – Premium Culinary Grade Green Tea PowderKiss Me Organics

When it comes to culinary grades, I’m not shy to say that Kiss Me Organics takes the cake according to my personal taste. Kiss Me Organics produce exceptional quality tea products, coffee capsules, yerba mate shots, and tea accessories, and they’re one of the narrowly specialized brands whose methods and ethics me and my team would really speak favorably of. From all the culinary grade products, this is truly best matcha tea brand in our book. It has done a tremendous job at adding a dash of freshness, sustainable energy and mind boost not just when brewed into classic tea, but in our smoothies, pancakes and cakes as well.

The texture of this matcha is very fine, yet dense, it disperses perfectly when nicely mixed with other ingredients, and stays together when you use it to make a layer of let’s say a colorful pudding. While being very efficacious in reducing anxiety and facilitate mental clarity, Kiss Me Organics matcha seems to be very effective in giving sustained energy and being a fantastic pre workout supplement that super-charge my body with clean vim. It has really proven great at disrupting the absorption of fats cells and burning more calories than usual. To boot, apparently Kiss Me Organics matcha tea is one of the few culinary grades that are also preferred by hard core green tea aficionados who are really into tea ceremonies and hold green tea in high esteem. Enjoy the slight bitter, fresh, grass-reminiscent flavor that provides you a swarm of antioxidants. Like other high quality matchas, this one doesn’t fully dissolve in water, so we recommend you stir your cup up before taking the last few sips.

Kiss Me Organics also have an astounding ceremonial grade matcha green tea, specially for all those who take green tea seriously. A dominating best-seller, that ceremonial tea is definitely a herbal force to be reckoned with and a product that I feel obliged to mention when writing about this brand. You can check the Kiss Me Organics ceremonial grade matcha here, or use the button just below to opt for the culinary grade.

Buy it here

6. Enzo – Drinking Grade Organic Matcha Tea Powder

Organic Drinking Grade Matcha Powder

Enzo is a new brand that has quickly become a recognizable player on the tea market and already has a strong presence in the immense world of high quality green tea. That’s because they’ve succeeded in meeting tea drinkers’ high expectations with their main line of drinking grade organic matcha tea powder. If you want an every-day green tea product, this may suffice just fine. The buzz around Enzo green tea is fully justified, and there are many media giants like FOX, the ABC, and Huffington Post that have made a press release about it.

Again, you have a product that is certified 100% organic and natural, gluten-free, raw and eco-conformable. The leaves originate from organic green tea fields in Thailand. This powder is a bit lighter and has an even finer texture than the premium line, which insinuates the tea leaves are thinner and are as pliable to grounding as possible. This tea has a bit more grassy taste and mild sweetness, as opposed to the premium edition which has a more distinctive dark leafy vegetable flavor.

In terms of nutrition, both editions have equal amounts of catechin antioxidants that matcha is famous for in the first place, but the main edition has 24.7 less calories (could really be of significance in case you’re on a strict calorie-deficit diet). With its grass-like scent and flavor, this product is particularly great in smoothies and lattes that require green freshness without too distinguishing flavor. This matcha is a good option for a natural pre workout, as its effect on thermogenesis is quite notable, especially when you drink a cup 30 minutes prior training sessions. Statistically, matcha can fairly speed up your metabolism, resulting in 35%-43% increased calorie burn. Here’s an exemplary pre workout punch: combine this with branched chain amino acids and arginine and you got yourself a fantastic pre workout combo.

This Enzo matcha tea has all the privileges of the premium line, so again, if you’re unhappy with the product, you’ll get your money back. After you make your purchase, you’ll also receive a free recipe eBook that features more than 20 drink recipes, including the recipe for the delightful Starbucks Green Tea Latte. If this doesn’t prove the company is very much customer satisfaction-orientated, we don’t know what does.

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7. Jade Leaf Organics – Culinary Grade Best Selling MatchaJade Leaf Organics Final

Let’s move on with the next choice – Jade Leaf Organics. Their culinary grade matcha is a best-selling product for a reason. You can choose a 30g starter size for $9.45 just to sample it, but you should know that chances are high that you’d get some more once you’ve tried it. Jade Leaf Organics source their matcha leaves straight from the mecca of green tea – the Japanese region of Uji. The herb is hand harvested and packed in certified organic Japanese green tea farms, meaning there’s nothing shady in the processing method, everything is kept as natural as possible.

The trusted origin of the tea is one of the reasons why the founders of the premium matcha brand allow themselves to sell such pure matcha at relatively lower prices compared to competition brands. The company’s friendly and tolerant policy states that you’d either love the product or you’ll get your money back, which is a huge plus and a sign for confidence in what they’re offering. Since it’s culinary grade, you are strongly encouraged to try dozens of recipes involving smoothies, lattes and pastries.

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Best Ceremonail Grade Matcha Brands To Buy

8. Matcha Organics – Highest Grade Yame Ceremonial MatchaMatcha Organics

Alright, it’s time to jump to the big league with highly valued ceremonial grades, and what better way to do that than a flawless example – Matcha Organics. They are masters when it comes to producing pure shade grown green tea powder. If you want the highest grade premium matcha that you can’t find in your local supermarket, don’t look any further. Arriving in a beautiful tin, this is the matcha that is presented in the most spectacular way compared to all other brands’ products. To make sure you get to consume the most prestigious, premium Yame ceremonial matcha possible, the company packs only first harvest green tea plants grown in sustainable way in one of the largest tea production districts in Japan – Yame.

With Matca Organics every time is the best time to drink green tea. This matcha has a very smooth natural flavor and a vibrant green color that entices you to boil some water right away and have one of the most delectable cups of tea in your life. Matcha Organics product is extremely potent and loaded with 1300x more antioxidants than normal green tea. The brand stands firmly behind the quality it offers. If you’re scoping the web for the best green tea brand, you shouldn’t waste any more time searching, because Matcha Organics may be your cup of tea. Besides, this brand’s container is the fanciest and exhales tradition. it would go great in a composition of a matcha green tea set on the kitchen table.

Also, don’t get cold feet with doubts about buying this product, because just like most our choices in the best matcha tea brands to buy list, this company is all about keeping the customer satisfied by providing full refund. If you’re not pleased with the product, make sure you contact them within 60 days upon purchasing, and they’ll give you back your money. There are really no cons here, only pros, so this is a smart choice.

Buy it here

9. Kenko Tea – Pure Ceremonial Japanese MatchaKenko Tea

I’m going to afford the liberty to say Kenko Tea has the best ceremonial grade matcha according my own preferences (that doesn’t mean YOU won’t like one of the other matcha brands in this list better, of course) Arriving in a cute, light-green tin that has a white cartoon fox drinking a cup of green tea on it, their certified organic product perfectly combines the sophistication and prestige of the best matcha powder (that leaves a fine silky feeling when rubbed between your fingers) and the sense of humor, which is something that distinguishes this brand from others, and another reason why I feel particularly good when doing a matcha green tea review when it comes to one of their products.

The Kenko shop is based in Mellbourne, Australia. The company is highly concentrated in providing incredibly tasty, creamy, just mildly bitter, fresh, and healthy Japanese green tea powder to the health-conscious and smart consumer. They’re so dedicated to their activity that their motto is: “do one thing and do it well”, that’s why this product has become one of the best-selling matcha teas on the web. Kenko source their tea from Nishio – a Japanese city situated in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Nishio is not only a regional commercial and manufacturing center, but it’s also considered the biggest powdered green tea producer in the whole country.

Kenko Tea might just become your favorite best green tea brand ever. The company doesn’t blend dozens of other mediocre sorts of tea to gloss over the overall poor quality of the final product like many other manufacturers do, they use only the purest Japanese matcha available on the market, nothing else. You can even reuse their tin after you run out of the powder. And to keep our tradition to feature brands that offer refund, Kenko is another one of those companies that if you’re not happy, they’re not happy and encourage you to ask for a refund in such occasions.

Buy it here

10. Encha – First Harvest Organic Encha MatchaFirst Harvest Organic Encha Matcha

Encha have some of the finest matcha powder ever, period! The first harvest organic encha matcha is worthy of being used to treat even Japanese emperors with the most exquisite green tea drink ever! There’s just no compromise with the quality of this product as it’s strictly made of the most tender, first harvest leaves coming straight from an organic-certified Japanese farm. That’s why, many consumers out there have picked this organic encha matcha to be their personal best matcha green tea possible.

There’s no questioning that even the pickiest tea drinkers (and even those who aren’t much of green tea supporters) will be astounded when they open the package as they will be greeted by a warm, spring green color that borders on neon and an incredible, gentle fragrance. The powder is of supreme quality and has no lumps in it. Since the flavor has the ideal balance of astringency and sweet greens, it’s exceptionally delightful and subtle. You can put a little extra from the product when you mix it with the hot water. That way you can enjoy an increase in the volume of the foam that forms on top, and greater amounts of antioxidants.

So, to put things in a nutshell – if you’re looking to get your hands on perhaps THE best matcha powder that is of ceremonial grade, don’t skip the opportunity to try this one.

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11. Epic Matcha – Best Ceremonial Japanese Grade Green TeaEpic Matcha

Epic Matcha have dedicated their life to… well, manufacturing epic matcha for epic tea ceremonies of course! The co-founders of the brand are a husband and wife family that are happy that there are so many people who have decided to join them in the quest of feeling better, thinking better, and generally living better, thanks to a very old Buddhist secret, and the incredibly hot healthy trend in the recent years called matcha. The creators of this product have put their heart and soul into producing this top notch matcha tea, and really hope you’ll enjoy it to the fullest, as they have enjoyed making it for you.

Epic Matcha believe that the better the leaf is, the better the powder. That’s why they carefully select the finest green tea leaves from more than 60 family-owned Japanese farms, then stone ground them into the fascinating deep green powder you see in their tins. Epic Matcha is one of the organic matcha brands that is ready to fully meet the high expectations of die-hard matha fans who’re figuratively speaking (in some cases maybe literally) on a green tea diet with a product that perfectly provides all of green tea benefits, a product that is ideal for gourmet experience and all types of tea ceremonies and drills. Another thing that sticks out is the Epic Contribution policy of the brand.

By buying their premium organic matcha, you are not only investing in your haleness and divine tea drinking, but you’re also investing to empower poor people in developing nations. This is another pivot that has encouraged me and my team to include Epic Matcha in our “best matcha tea brands to buy” guide. Every order from Epic Matcha comes with a free PDF recipe book that features 37 + recipes for mood, weight loss and energy enhancement. So whether you want to drink green tea for weight loss, increase your concentration, or simply use it in culinary, Epic Matcha got you covered. Oh, almost forgot, they offer money back guarantee.

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12. Distinctly Organic – Classic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

Distinctly Organic Matcha Brand“Classic” is always equivalent to “quality”, that’s why our before the last pick is Distinctly Organic and their classic ceremonial grade matcha powder. Distinctly Organic really have a strong work ethic and a special bond with the word “organic”, which is obvious when you see the name of the brand. The company is proud with their work, which includes the manufacturing of first-class products and flawless customer service to shoppers who are browsing the web for premium health product from their home.

The team behind this brand is made of open-minded innovators and forward-thinkers who, no matter how good they are at customer service, never seize to look for ways to further upgrade their activity. The admirable operating of this company has reflected fantastically on the end result, which has become the cause for Distinctly Organic being one of the top matcha brands on the market today. The ceremonial matcha is sourced directly from a family-owned estate family in Japan who know how to keep old traditions alive. That why, they are one of the top brands for matcha green tea, especially for ceremonial grades. The distinctive taste and quality of the leaves give every user the feeling of authentic matcha experience. Besides my own personal liking for this brand’s product, I couldn’t help but notice that 95% of other shoppers have given this item a 5 star review, a clear sign for how highly people value it.

Rest assured that Distinctly Organic use strictly certified organic and pure first harvest green tea leaves that are absent of any potentially-harming substances and are stone ground in their fresh state. Boost your focus, immunity and metabolism, revitalize your body and feel amazing, don’t put off all of that, benefit from it yourself thanks to this brand and their produce. And don’t forget – you have a money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

Buy it here

13. DoMatcha – Summer Harvest Ceremonial MatchaDoMatcha Brand

It’s time to present DoMatcha and their summer harvest ceremonial matcha tea (or you can also try their 2nd harvest matcha). If you’ve tried some of the other brands in the post, but you’re still looking for something else, and you’re still asking “what is the best brand of matcha green tea powder?”, then may I suggest you take a sample of this natural bliss? Real matcha connoisseurs who are readily paying the extra dollar for their favorite herbal supplement usually raise their expectation bar very high and there aren’t many matcha brands out there that can reach it, but DoMatcha packs every characteristic of a flawless, top notch green tea product. When you pay 41$ for 2.82 oz (79.94g), you most definitely know what you’re paying for.

The company sources its tea from the Uji and Kagosihma districts. They have a supplier based in Uji, Kyoto, that has been trading exceptional green tea for more than 300 years. DoMatcha has a long-lasting partnership with the prominent Japanese tea master Kazunori Handa, whose family has tremendous expertise and knowledge handed down from generation to generation for nearly 4 centuries. Just like the Japanese green tea tradition enjoins, DoMatcha is grown, harvested and naturally processed (with as less machinery as possible) with precision at every stage of production to keep the green tea powder fresh and with marvelous, rich flavor. The plants are organically cultivated in shade and only the healthiest young leaves are picked for the output. Right upon harvesting, the leaves are steamed to stop the oxidation of enzymes, then they are placed in special facilities at 0 degrees of temperature to preserve the freshness throughout the year.

Another advantage of DoMatcha’s tea is that they remove the veins and stems before grounding the leaves into matcha, thus reducing the bitterness of the flavor to the maximum. That’s why in terms of taste, I’d say their product is truly one of the finest. The fiber of the leaves is broken naturally without any hot air pressure (just like many low quality manufacturers do). Instead, the company uses traditional granite stones for the purpose. The final product is as pure, clean, additive-free, and organic as they come, and is tested by an independent laboratory for chemicals or radiation. Once arrived in the warehouses, the tea is double tested again to guarantee maximum safety.

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Enzo – Classic & Ceremonial Blend Organic Matcha

Organic Ceremonial and Classic Blend Matcha

We rarely include 2 products from a single brand when selecting top brands for a review, but all of Enzo’s matcha diversifications are so spectacular, we decided to make an exception and feature their line of classic and ceremonial blend organic matcha. To tell you the truth, it has since become one of our favorite herbal infusions that has earned a spot in our top rated organic matcha manufacturers. When you first open the package there is quite a notable veggie-like scent that reminds of something between dark leafy greens and lush grass which was obviously one of the signs that show matcha is high quality.

The texture is very fine, yet dense, but at the same time there were delicate small clots (they break down effortlessly, so don’t worry about having problems with dissolution in liquids) that indicate the product has been made of large, healthy leaves. The color of the powder leans toward dark green, which is yet another proof that the organic matcha powder is indeed premium grade and that the tea plants have been properly raised in dense shade. It also hints at the specifically high chlorophyll (which means better transportation of blood oxygen and better skin health) and L-theanine (for better clarity and focus) content, as well as the high antioxidant presence (137x more than regular brewed green tea). As for mixing, the Enzo matcha green tea powder is nicely dissolved in water, juice or milk, provided you stir well with a bamboo whisk. If you don’t have a whisk, you can substitute it with any wooden (or steel for that matter) utensil.

The taste of the drink is marvelous! There isn’t a note of bitterness and you get a great silky feeling. Apart from low grades, this product doesn’t give you any jitters or heart palpitations, it gives you only long-lasting sustainable energy and steady focus. The company has placed quick use tips on the back of the packing, if you’re wondering where to start from. The Enzo team has also impressed us with their charity work. Every 10% profit for every bag sold, they give back to noble causes. You also get a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like their product. All of this secured Enzo as a must in the best matcha tea producers review.

Buy it here

Well, there they are, the top 14 matcha tea brands you can resort to when you’re aiming at supplying yourself with one of Nature’s most incredible herbs. Have you tried any of them? Ar you satisfied? Please, share your experience with Organic Power Foods team!

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I’m Nick – a nutrition enthusiast who takes his healthy lifestyle at heart, and an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. Being the main author and founder of, I’m constantly looking to expand my experience and knowledge of food, health, sport, and organic living, so I can become the best version of myself, and help others achieve the same.

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