The 10 Best Aronia Berry Powder Supplements To Buy In 2020 For Antioxidant Boost

Table of contents:
  1. Why Is Aronia So Healthy?
  2. Samsara Herbs – Non-GMO Aronia Extract
  3. Green Valley Superfoods – O. Aronia Powder
  4. Go Nutra – European Organic Chokeberry Powder
  5. Virgin Extracts – Organic Aronia Concentrate
  6. Eclectic Institute – Aronia Berry Capsules
  7. Herbal Island – Aronia Berry Extract
  8. Nutridom – Premium Aronia Supplement
  9. Bulk Supplements – Aronia Extract Powder
  10. Bobica – Organic European Chokeberry Capsules
  11. CurEase – Non-GMO Aronia Fruit Powder

During the recent years aronia (a.k.a chokeberry) has been stepping up rapidly in the world of nutrition and well-being, and according to many health experts it is one of the most powerful superfruits known to man today. The bush produces deep purple, almost black or reddish clusters that are juicy and have a delicious and astringent berry flavor. Aronia was originally used by native North American Indian tribes. Later on it kind of disappeared from the North American regions and reemerged again in Europe in the 1800’s. Today, the potent dark berry is having a resurgence of aronia’s growth in America and is thriving there as good as on the Old Continent.

Why Is Aronia So Healthy?

Best Aronia Berry Powder Supplements_Aronia berry’s nutritional profile includes minerals, vitamins (100g deliver 35% of the DV for vitamin C), and fiber, but what nutritionists and doctors all over the world seem to concentrate on is the particularly strong antioxidant potential. Chokeberry is one of the richest sources of the flavonoid antioxidants called anthocyanins (1480mg per 100g serving). Another group of phytochemicals that are present in aronia are proanthocyanidin (664mg per 100g serving). To boot, zeaxanthin and lutein are another 2 flavonoid antioxidants found in aronia., the first of which has a photo-filtering property on ultraviolet rays, meaning it protects that skin and eyes from various related diseases.

Due to the fact that aronia berry is abounding with a dozen of different antioxidant constituents, certain health benefits of this incredible fruit have been determined by scientists. Aronia berries and their juice have done a tremendous job at reducing and controlling high blood pressure, strengthening the arteries and improving the blood flow. These health qualities have proven highly useful when it comes to preventing a heart attack or a stroke, or recovering from such conditions.

Proceeding from the above noted health benefits, aronia berry is also capable of increasing the nitric oxide concentration flow and mediated dilatation for reducing the bad cholesterol that is clumping on the arteries and hindering the blood travel.

Aronia juice and aronia powder provide fantastic aid in preventing or relieving neurodegenerative disorders.

Aronia may be able to offer an alternative treatment of colon cancer.

Chokeberry can help stop the spreading of influenza and viruses, as well as boost muscle recovery.

So you see, aronia holds such a great potential when it comes to natural health-improving foods, but the problem is fresh aronia is not that easy to find in the grocery store, especially all year round. That’s why aronia can find its way to us in the form of a completely natural supplement. That way you can always enjoy its wide array of benefits. If you’re looking for a reliable, high quality aronia berry powder, stay with us, because we’ve carefully selected the top options for you.

Best Aronia Berry Powder Prod

1. Samsara Herbs – Non-GMO Aronia Berry Extract

Non-GMO Aronia Berry Extract by Samsara Herbs

Samsara Herbs have done flawlessly producing such a highly concentrated aronia berry supplement. In contrast to most other products that have a typical 4:1 concentration, this one has a 20:1 aronia concentration. That means 20kg of GMO-free, chemical-free aronia berries are used for the manufacturing of 1kg pure chokeberry powder. The extreme potency of the chokeberry powder makes it the perfect product to help you boost your natural resistance against neurodegenerative ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as one of the scourges of the modern era – heart attack and stroke.

That would also mean that the GMO-free aronia powder would be more effective in increasing the NO flow in the blood stream. Besides being free of genetic modification, this product is also absent of fillers, artificial flavors, mold, yeast, heavy metals or any other toxic elements that may potentially harm your well-being.  Samsara Herbs source the most premium herbal extracts from around the globe, because they want the products they offer to really have a positive impact on the health of their customers. If you’re searching for the best aronia berry powder that has the most positive customer response on the market, this might be the one for you.

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2. Green Valley Superfoods – Organic Aronia Powder

Organic Aronia Powder by Green Valley Superfoods

This is one of the very few chokeberry supplements that are certified 100% organic. Manufactured from Green Valley Superfoods, the organic aronia powder has a potent 4:1 aronia concentration, meaning it is 4 times stronger and with greater nutrient density than regular aronia powders. The chokeberry supplement has a 16,062 ORAC score, which is a clear indication of its antioxidant might and high quality production technique. Green Valley’s output seems to manage cholesterol levels and inflammation very well too, we’ve had personal experience with it, so we can concur its effectiveness in that regard.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that being USDA certified organic, this specific aronia extract is as pure as possible, without any pesticide or GMO residue, without additional sweeteners, colors or stabilizers etc. If indeed you want a safe and clean natural product, this could be your go to choice. This product has a deep red color and really possesses a great balance between sweet and sour taste, the perfect reflection of the fresh aronia flavor. That’s why it we find it best when it comes to using it as an ingredient in a smoothie, shake or yogurt. The country of origin is the United States.

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3. Go Nutra – European Organic Chokeberry Powder

European Organic Chokeberry Powder by Go Nutra

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but did you know that Europe is the world’s biggest aronia producing continent in the world? That’s because Poland grows the stunning 80% of the world market for this precious superfruit! So it’s pertinent to say that perhaps the best aronia berries are cultivated on the Old Continent. That should be enough reason for us to feature the European organic chokeberry powder from Go Nutra as a mandatory part of the best aronia berry powder supplements. This pure freeze dried aronia berry powder retains all the valuable nutrients that fresh aronia is suppose to contain, like the vitamin C and the abundance of phenolic constituents due to which aronia is getting so preferred around the world. The premium powdered aronia is put in a safety-sealed, food-grade resealable foil packing for maximum safety and easy usage.

We have found that this powder mixes really good alongside whatever else you want to use it. We managed to prepare some delicious home-made ice cream combining this very aronia powder with strawberries, the result was phenomenal. It comes in pretty handy when you want to bring diversity to your cooking and baking too, it all depends on you. The suggested use is 1 teaspoon when you want to add it to juices and smoothies. Please, note that because there are no anti-clumping additives in the powder, it is possible to find a few small lumps. That’s a sign for the product’s naturalness and transparency. It’s nothing warm liquids and a fork/spoon won’t fix, so there’s nothing to worry about.

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4. Virgin Extracts – European Organic Chokeberry Powder

Premium Organic Aronia Concentrate Powder by Virgin Extracts

The first ever aronia berry supplement me and my team have ever tried was this one by Virgin Extracts. It is just as the label says – a powerful 4:1 concentrate, rather than merely “fruits and vegetables”, adding the fact that it is free of common contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals and other chemically-based substances, this is truly a healthy supplement you can count on if you want to augment your phenolic antioxidant intake extensively, without taking any risks with your well-being.

We’ve determined that this aronia berry extract suits us best in smoothies, because it’s flavor is a bit more sweet and a bit less tart than most other varieties, so it does blend perfectly in juices, smoothies and cereals. Furthermore, if it’s an energy boost you seek, especially in the morning or in the late afternoon when you’re feeling exhausted from work, school or workout, Virgin Extracts’ product does appear to be fairly effective in giving you a kick of clean vim.

Without question, this product is a must in our thorough aronia powder review guide.

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5. Eclectic Institute – Aronia Berry Capsules

Aronia Berry Capsules by Eclectic InstituteTaking aronia powder is an easy way of consumption, but if you want things to get even easier and quicker, why not consider opting for these aronia berry capsules? They are manufactured by Eclectic Institute, a serious company that has been operating since 1982, as they’ve been growing all-natural and organic herbs on a 90 acre certified organic farm that uses sustainable agriculture. The brand uses freeze-drying to remove only the water from the herbs, leaving the nutrients intact for maximum benefit. In that way, just like their other healthy supplements, these aronia berry capsules preserve as much from their original form as possible and are fully efficacious in what they’re suppose to do.

Eclectic Institute doesn’t utilize other forms of processing that involve spray drying, chemical extraction or standardized extracts that shift the original whole herb, fruit or vegetable in a less nutritious or potentially harming way. This capsulated aronia berry powder is formulated by a naturopath physician, just like all other products from the company, another indication for the precision these supplements are made with. That’s why you can be sure the chokeberry concentration in this product is extremely potent. Adding the effortless intake via the capsule form, this addition to our best aronia berry powder supplements is fully justified.

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6. Herbal Island – Aronia Berry Extract

Aronia Berry Extract by Herbal IslandShould you happen to be one that isn’t keen on spending too much on supplements, especially one that you are yet to try for the first time, Herbal Island might be a suitable option for you. That’s because they have a high quality aronia berry extract that costs around $31 for 1 pound of aronia powder. They recommend a 3g (or 1.5 teaspoons) dosage for a single serving size. Herbal Island are specialized in producing a particular niche of health products like herbal supplements, sexual enhancers, liquid extracts, and certain weight loss supplements.

The company is small and family-based in Utah. Their purpose is to bring their cultural and holistic background to a greater audience and let more people enjoy the benefits of their natural remedies and supplements, like this 4:1 aronia extract. What’s also good here is that Herbal Island take great pride in their reputable customer service, so that’s another significant advantage to consider no matter what type of merchandise you’re searching for. To boot, if you don’t like their supplement, you have a money back guarantee, so there’s really nothing to lose here.

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7. Nutridom – Premium Non-GMO Aronia 2000 Supplement

Premium Non-GMO Aronia 2000 Supplement by NutridomThe premium non-GMO Aronia 2000 is another great pick from our best aronia berry powder supplements highlight, again for all those who prefer plain loose powder. Nutridom provides you with GMO-free black chokeberries that are sourced from North America. This powder is one of the best in terms of dissolution, as it mixes perfectly in your favorite smoothie or juice. To guarantee high quality Nutridom and respectively their chokeberry powder have received a “Good Manufacturing Practices” label. That means the output is consistently produced and controlled in a specific way to meet the quality standards and regulations, appropriate to their intended use, just as required by the marketing authorization. The suggested use is 2 capsules per day.

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8. Bulk Supplements – Aronia Extract Powder

Bulk Supplements Aronia Extract PowderWhen it comes to affordable quality supplements for health-conscious or fitness-hooked people, Bulk Supplements have managed to keep competitiveness very high on the US market. Their natural herbal supplements are top notch and this aronia extract powder makes no exception. The aronia berries used for the making of this product come from pristine North American areas and are with a very potent polyphenol capacity. The rich antioxidant profile, and the distinct flavor and color of Bulk Supplements chokeberry extract also means this quality aronia supplement is rich in cyanidin-3glucoside (C3G). It’s a natural pigment that can be found in a different dark-colored plants, fruits and veggies. C3G has been shown to offer a variety of major health benefits, like: fighting cancer, diabetes relief, heart and blood vessels fortification, metabolic syndrome improvement, liver damage reversal, brain cell preservation, night vision improvement, and overall inflammation reduction.

Athletes would be happy to know that this constituent also has a direct impact on fat cells and muscle cells. It helps increase insulin sensitivity  of muscle cells, plus it upregulates gene expression for fat burn and decreases gene expression for fat storage.

All in all, a great aronia extract that comes at an affordable cost.

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9. Bobica – Organic European Chokeberry Capsules

Bobica Organic European Chokeberry CapsulesEurope is a strong manufacturer of aronia as you might have guessed by now and this next product by Biboca just confirms it once again. These vegan capsules are suitable for all individuals who are trying to avoid gelatin, because they are on a animal-free diet, so regardless of your eating regime you can take advantage of this potent super food powder. What’s interesting with Biboca aronia supplement is that it’s a pure extract that contains the fruit’s skin and seeds too, which only adds to the antioxidant power it packs, as well the dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Each bottle of this quality product contains 90 capsules loaded with 500mg of organic aronia berry powder, quite an adequate dose we dare to say. What surprised me particularly as a user is that this brand’s chokeberry product really gives  more energy and I’d successfully added it to my pre workout stack in the past, when I was cycling with a particular supplement combo. In that reference, you could find it useful in that department too, just give it a shot.

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10. CurEase – Non-GMO Aronia Fruit Powder

CurEase Non-GMO Aronia Fruit PowderFinally, we’ll wrap things up with another addition that falls in the GMO-free certified category. This 100% clean raw aronia fruit powder by CurEase is very dark in color and has an excellent presence of anthocyanins in it. Aronia such as the one used for the making of this supplement has even more anthocyanins than cranberries. This group of nutrients includes precious matters such as: epicatechin , cyanidin-3-galactoside, quercetin, petunidin, delphinidin, caffeic acid , malvidin, pelargonidin, and peonidin.

Yes, this 1lb package may seem a bit expensive, but that’s actually 454 servings you have, so in the long run, this would suffice quite enough, even for a whole family. This supplement has entirely raw aronia, without any additives whatsoever, so you get the fruit in its finest purity. Because of that, the manufacturer notes that from a completely natural product such as this, results may vary from person to person.

So there are the top aronia supplements on the market today. We at Organic Power Foods hope we’ve been useful to any berry lover and natural supplement consumer who’s looking to up their antioxidants intake.

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