The 5 Best Milk Alternatives

They say it does a body good, but not everybody agrees! If you suffer from dairy intolerance, then a glass of milk probably makes you feel downright awful. You might get cramps, diarrhea, nausea, or even throw up.

Luckily, there’s no reason to suffer through these symptoms, or even make do without milk, if you can’t have dairy. There are plenty of great milk alternatives out there waiting to give you the best of both.

As if that weren’t reason enough to try milk that comes from something other than a cow, new evidence shows that plant-based milk is healthier than dairy milk. It really is! Time to try some of the best milk alternatives.


Are you dairy intolerant? These are the best milk alternatives for you.

1. Coconut milk

Coconut is just plain good for you. In addition to being totally yummy, it’s easy to digest and chock-full of beneficial nutrients. For milk lovers who can’t have nuts, soy, or dairy, coconut milk is a miracle in a box. It can also be a fantastic ingredient in smoothies, ice-cream, and other dishes.

2. Almond milk

Like cow milk, almond milk is packed with protein and other nutrients. Unlike cow milk however, it’s completely lactose-free! Almond milk is a great baking substitute for regular cow milk, but it also enhances many recipes with its pleasant nutty flavor.

3. Rice milk

Rice milk usually has a thinner consistency than almond or coconut milk, but it’s also sweeter. Lots of people like to drink it straight or mix it with their oatmeal for breakfast. If you want to cook with it, you might have to go the extra mile and thicken it first with eggs or flour. But if the delicious flavor of rice milk is what you crave in your pancakes, then it’ll be worth the effort!

4. Soy milk

This non-dairy milk is an old standby. The soy bean’s high protein content makes soymilk one of the most popular drinks in the grocery store. Some people actually like the taste of soymilk so much that they switch from dairy just to enjoy the soy flavor! Soymilk is also one of the most versatile milk drinks out there if you feel like making a sauce or creamy dish.

5. Oat milk

If you feel like making milk at home, then oat milk is your ticket! Everyone knows oats as a popular breakfast food. They’re protein and fiber-filled, nutritious, and – believe it or not – they’re usually non-GMO. (No genetically engineered oat varieties exist yet!) However, some brands still “fortify” their oats, meaning that they add stuff to them, so make sure you buy organic if you want to generate your own oat milk. The process is easy: just mix rolled oats with water, let stand overnight, blend, and strain. The result will be wholesome, and completely delicious!

While dairy intolerant people might be happiest about the existence of milk substitutes, everyone can stand to try a little coconut milk now and then. Even if you are not dairy-intolerant, you should know that there are side effects of too much dairy intake. A little variety is always the healthiest option.


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