5 Advantages of Vertical Gardens

Who says gardens have to be flat on the ground? Vertical gardens are ideal for both city dwellers, and gardeners looking to up their game. Easy, gorgeous, and catching on fast, you definitely want to know about this hot new trend in the green world!

#1 Space

A vertical garden can go anywhere! You can stick it on a wall, build a freestanding growing unit, or even hang a box of chile peppers out of a window. If you’ve been wrestling with the question of how to grow your own food in the city, look no further.

#2 Beauty

Even a wall of spinach can brighten the dull monotony of a cement cityscape. Your neighbors will thank you if you decide to keep your garden outside. But beware: if you grow your vertical garden in your kitchen or living room, it’s likely to dominate the decor!

#3 Accessibility

Vertical gardens are ideal for people with arthritis and mobility issues. Most are easy to tend from a sitting or standing position, and there are few that require kneeling.

#4 Plant health

Gardening vertically not only elevates your garden away from pests like rabbits and slugs, but it gives your plants better exposure to sunlight! Given proper growing space and care, your greens will do even better in their penthouse suite than they did at ground level.

#5 Grow more

Higher plants are also better for your limited space! Otherwise, bulky climbers, like pumpkins and tomatoes, can do great in certain types of vertical gardens. If you’re truly devoted, try espalier, a method of training fruit trees and woody wines to grow on a wall.

Vertical gardens are great weekend projects that come in all shapes and sizes. A-frames are easy to make with a few tools and some lumber. Green walls may look tricky, but with a little elbow grease, they can be any urban gardener’s ultimate green dream! From root pouches to repurposed soda bottles, the form of any vertical garden is limited only by the gardener’s creativity.

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