10 Simple Advices On Starting A Raw Food Diet

Everybody wants to stay healthy, happy, energetic, and maintain optimum weight. That’s why many people tend to lean on a raw food diet to achieve this goal. Raw food is however, more than that, it’s a whole healthy lifestyle that once you begin experiencing, you would wish you had made that change earlier. So if you’ve decided to take this important step, these 10 simple advices on starting a raw food diet may be of great help to you, especially if you’re new to this.


Lay in a stock of as many veggies and fruits as you possibly can. Eat as many of them as you wish, don’t refrain, because this is a lifestyle dedicated to abundance of vitality, and those type of foods provide it.


Your very first meal of the day should be a healthy smoothie or a juice, made in a 32 ounce or a 64 ounce jar, or in another container with the same capacity. It’s also good to drink a big glass of water (you can even drink around 600 ml to fully awaken your constitution and cleanse it) before even having breakfast. Tip number 2 will give you the necessary hydration, as well as simple fruit sugars that will charge your body with energy throughout the day.


Make your second meal for the day a large salver of fruits. You have the freedom to eat any fruit you want. Choose to eat a mix of various fruits, or concentrate on just 1, but the important thing is to make sure you eat enough, feel satiated and have enough carbohydrates to help you stay active. If you feel like you’re overeating, don’t worry, remember that your stomach is a muscle, and as such, it has the capability to expand and contract, and it will adjust to the amounts of food you give it.


Eat your dinner in 2 parts. Start by having a smaller plate of fruit, or a type of a juicy citrus fruit, because those will digest faster. Moving on to the second part of the dinner. This should be a huge rainbow salad.


Be certain you’re getting enough exercise each day to keep you hungry. In order to stay in good fettle, you need to be active and always keep moving. It has been proven many times over the years, that workouts are a significant contribution to a healthy lifestyle. So in reference to that, it’s advisable to get minimum 20 or 30 minutes of exercise a day.


People are learning their entire life. So regardless of what you may know, you should always look to educate yourself more about raw eating, and nutrition in general. Remember, “knowledge is power”.


It’s always good to find a friend or a community of people that share the same passion for the raw healthy lifestyle. It’s important not to feel like you’re alone in this, and to discuss your experience and progress with others who are keen on it.


Get sufficient rest and sleep. When you first start eating this way, your body will start to detox a lot, because it isn’t used to eating so much raw food on a daily basis. Most common detoxification reactions are tiredness, excessive energy, light flu symptoms or increased bowel movement. But whatever it may be, just remember that this is a rejuvenating and restorative diet. That’s why you have to allow your body to restore itself to its absolute finest via enough sleep. Don’t limit yourself and enjoy your repose.


This is maybe one of the most fundamental advices – make sure you’re eating enough calories. There are many individuals who experience failure when starting a raw food diet, which leads to unpleasant frustration. The reason for that is because they aren’t getting enough calories. You may think that eating a couple of fruits will provide you with enough calories, but you could end up consuming too little of them, which is the reason for inordinate tiredness. The easiest way to make sure you’re getting sufficient calories is to simply count them. You can use tools such as FitDay, DietPower, CRON-O Meter or Nutridiary. Stay properly fueled and as energetic as you want to feel.


Try not to be hard on yourself. Many people don’t really aspire to be gentle to themselves when they are taking the path of eating raw foods, or when they starting something new in their life. Remember, that this is a journey, and though the final destination is important, every step you take between here and then, is going to be a valuable experience. Should you happen to fail one day, and steer yourself from the healthy lifestyle, use this as an opportunity to learn from it and grow, or if necessary, start fresh! Be your own support system and reach out for your friends to encourage you too. Have fun and if you really want to eat this way, know that you CAN do it.

You’ll never know what it’s like living on a raw food diet until you try it! So, if you think it may be your thing,  don’t wait any longer!

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I’m Nick – a nutrition enthusiast who takes his healthy lifestyle at heart, and an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. Being the main author and founder of, I’m constantly looking to expand my experience and knowledge of food, health, sport, and organic living, so I can become the best version of myself, and help others achieve the same.

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