Winter Health Tips for Young Couples

In the autumn and winter seasons, as a rule, there is a sharp increase in the likelihood of getting a cold, not to mention the influenza viruses which are constantly subject to mutations – an outbreak of a new form is announced annually. What methods and proven tips will help you protect yourself and your loved one during this cold period of time?

Tip 1: Drink ginger tea

One of the simplest but effective ways to deal with colds is ginger tea. It is quite simple to make it: just cut 5 to 6 thin slices of fresh ginger root with a diameter of 2-3 cm and pour boiling water on it. After 7 – 10 minutes, the healing drink is ready.

Ginger root contains essential oils, bitter, beneficial trace elements: potassium and sodium, zinc and iron, magnesium and phosphorus. And also vitamins, especially helpful when stimulating the immune system: C and A, B1 and B2, and amino acids.

Ginger, like garlic and onions, has a strong antimicrobial and bactericidal effect, actively helping the body to fight pathogenic microflora and strengthening the immune system.

In order to make the ginger tea effect even stronger, add 3–4 cloves to it and a teaspoon of any ground plant that also has antimicrobial properties: St. John’s wort, yarrow, lime, chamomile, calendula. In this case, the tea is brewed for 10 – 15 minutes. This is a fantastic recipe that would instantly boost your health in the cold season.

You can drink this tea 2 – 3 times a day. An additional benefit of it is that ginger tea normalizes and speeds up your metabolism. Therefore, it will be useful not only for the prevention and treatment of colds but also for helping lose weight. Indeed, in the cold season, our appetite drastically increases, so this positive effect may come in handy to many.


Not everyone can consume ginger (in any form). In case of ulcers, colitis, and gallstones, you should stay away from ginger. Ginger tea can be drunk by pregnant women only in the early stages of pregnancy, as it can cause miscarriage in the later stages.

At the same time, ginger is frequently used in baby food to strengthen the immune system and intensify its development, as ginger improves brain function. But it is necessary to introduce it into the children’s diet gradually.

You should also avoid ginger when you have a high body temperature and during hot summer days, because it has warming properties and increases sweating.

Tip 2: Use spices instead of pharmaceutical medicine.

Many articles have been written on the benefits of spices. We recommend checking some of them out, like this one because you can learn a lot about both their culinary benefits, as well as their importance in strengthening your body.

Tip 3: Strengthen the body and its immune system

We understand that you have seen this point in many other articles already and perhaps you are already tired of reading about it. But it should bear repeating, as it is always relevant and effective. You should do some light workout every single morning, visit the fitness gym or your favorite sports class.

Have you ever wanted to date a celebrity or look like one? Then you shouldn’t procrastinate working out. Even the most primitive exercises, familiar to us from childhood, activate the blood circulation, warm the entire body: internal organs and muscles. Do not be afraid of cold showers: you should do whatever it takes to help your body cope with these harsh days, even toughening it up.

Tip 4: Pay more attention to hygiene

It is not always possible to wash your hands after a trip on public transport or to some crowded place; therefore, the presence of wet wipes with an antiseptic effect during these cold days of autumn and winter is especially important.

Try to get used to the fact that before you fix your makeup or really do anything that involves your face and your hands, you need to wash them because the shortest way of infecting the body with bacteria and viruses is through the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. And the less we touch the face with the hands during the day, the less are the chances of infection of the body, especially during epidemics of influenza and acute respiratory infections.

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