Why And How To Soak Raw Nuts And Seeds?

Even certain healthy foods may cause your body some unwanted effects if you don't consume them the right way. A good example for such superfood are raw nuts and seeds. Generally, they're a rich source of beneficial fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and "good" enzymes, plus they're a great healthy snack to munch on at any time. However, they also have toxins and enzyme inhibitors which are a defensive mechanism for the nuts, but are harmful to us, because they impede our own enzymes. Raw nuts also have phytic acid that prevents our bodies from proper mineral and vitamin absorption. But there is a simple solution to all of this - just soak raw seeds and nuts to lose these noxious matters.

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The Best Healthy Foods For Long Life

If you are looking to live a long, healthy and happy life, then you need to make changes, one of which should be your diet. It seems so simple but is often forgotten that you must eat healthy foods if you wish to achieve that goal. The health benefits of whole, organic foods are almost innumerable and you will notice a difference within days of beginning a new diet. You’ll experience an energy boost, your skin will get smoother, the hair - stronger and your whole body will function a lot more effectively ...

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