5 Best Rehab Centers In The United States

Getting treatment for addiction problems is very important. A rehab center can either improve drastically or lead your recovery experience to failure. Before checking yourself in or your loved one to any rehab center, there are a few things you need to consider.

Firstly, you’ll need to know whether your insurance company will cover for the treatment. In many cases, insurance companies will require customers to receive a referral for a specialized facility. Other insurance will require you first to attend the outpatient treatment before they can cover a residential program. You’ll also need to do in-depth research on the facility you want to attend or take your loved ones. This process has become quite tiresome, especially with the increased number of rehab centers. Luckily, with the correct guidance, you can find a reliable rehab treatment center that can make a difference.

Here are the best rehab centers in the United States you can choose from:

1. The Betty Ford Center

The Betty Ford Center is a well-known rehab facility established by the late U.S first lady. Betty Ford Center offers a detox program and an outpatient program. It also provides programs for alcoholic children and young adults. The facility has over 100 beds available for people who need the help.

2. Passages Malibu, US

Passages Malibu was formed by the father-and-son team, Chris and Pax Prentiss.  The facility stands out for its unique treatment program. It was built following Pax’s struggle with drug and alcohol. The place dubbed as “one of the most innovative drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world,” doesn’t use the popular 12-step approach. Passages Malibu decided to use holistic methods of treatment to achieve useful results for its clients.

This center sits on a 10-acre land next to the Pacific Ocean. Any patient who signs into the facility receives a star treatment from all the staff. Patients also enjoy numerous amenities including a gym, basketball, tennis court, and two swimming pools.

3. Rock Solid Recovery and Sure Haven

The Rock Solid Recovery rehab is meant for men and its sister center, Sure Haven, for women. The two facilities offer top-notch services for addicts. Both are perfectly-equipped to help patients deal with their addiction issues. The staff is very well-trained, allowing patients to receive the best individualized care, which is something of high importance. These treatment centers are smaller than the usual rehab, but offer a lot more value than many similar places. The men facility can support six patients, and the women rehab can support 13 patients.

4. Sober Living by the Sea

Sober Living by the Sea is among the many treatment centers in California. Sober Living by the Sea is among the best facilities in the whole state. The treatment center has over 25 years of experience and uses a clinical approach to treat their patients. A part of their clinical approach is discovering any subsidiary mental disorders that may be associated with addiction. The treatment center also combines therapy with other activities like swimming and hiking.

5. Cirque Lodge

Cirque Lodge has two facilities. The first facility was founded in 1999 in Sundance, Utah, and the second, in 2002 in Orem, Utah. Cirque Lodge holds a maximum of 56 patients between the two facilities. The treatment centers use the traditional 12-step program for its patients. Patients in the facilities enjoy beautiful sceneries. The facility has a helicopter used to take patients up to view the mountains.

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