3 Important Foods for Maintaining Good Dental Health

You depend on your pearly whites to help you maintain a healthy diet, and they depend on you to help them last for a lifetime. Nutritious food and oral health work hand in hand to keep your whole self healthy, so don’t neglect your teeth when it’s time for a checkup. Add these three dental superfoods to your diet to make sure your teeth are good for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Vegetables that keep your teeth clean

Crunchy vegetables that are high in water content like raw carrots are particularly good at supplying sensitive mouth tissues with the stimulation needed to keep them strong. Celery and broccoli are full of vitamins A and C and lots of crunchy goodness that scrubs the surfaces of teeth clean. Snacking on almonds naturally scrubs your teeth clean and helps keep them shiny white. The crunchy little nuggets are rich in nutrients that strengthen enamel (and you have to preserve tooth enamel, because it wouldn’t grow back), like calcium and plant protein and they’re naturally low in sugar, so they don’t contribute to tooth damage or decay.

If plaque isn’t properly removed with daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist, your gums can become infected. The resulting inflammation can affect your heart, lungs, brain and immune system. Make it a priority every day to brush and floss and see your dentist twice a year. If you lose a tooth to decay or trauma, dental implants are the only way to deter long-term bone loss. If the dentist recommends a procedure, schedule it as soon as possible to keep your teeth and your body in the best health possible.

Onions that stop plaque from forming

You might be tempted to skip the onions before your next cleaning, but your dentist would likely encourage you to chomp away. Onions are a powerful antimicrobial food that inhibits plaque formation, helping your teeth stay clean between cleanings. Research also shows that eating onions can reduce the most common types of oral bacteria, so indulge in a sprinkle on top of your salad. Keep your mouth healthy, and the world will smile with you, even if you have onion breath.

You might think they’re only looking at your teeth, but your dentist performs a comprehensive health screening every time you visit. Dentists screen your lips, mouth, tongue, and throat for signs of a serious disease like diabetes or cancer.

Mushrooms to treat inflamed gum tissue

Keep your gums healthy by adding a big handful of shiitake mushrooms to your next meal. The little fungi naturally contain an antibacterial called lentinan which inhibits bacteria that breed along the gum line. After dinner, have a cup of green tea to help soothe inflammation in blood-rich gum tissues.

Having healthy gums will go a long way toward your whole body health and are one of the most important indicators dentists use to judge your health status. Dentists are often the first to notice serious health complications like diabetes because of inflammation and irritation in your gums. Studies show that gum disease is linked to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and other serious conditions.


Real food can make a powerful difference in your dental health. Eating organic fruits and vegetables provides you the healthiest nutrition benefits. Along with the powerful antioxidant punch these nutritious foods provide, they help reduce inflammation and keep your gums healthy and strong. Add a big handful of these healthy foods to every meal to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth sparkling white.

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