Health is priceless, we all agree on that. In the contemporary world where GMOs, pesticides, fast food, environmental pollution, stress, and the lack of exercise dominate, we need to have the necessary knowledge to maintain optimal health and prevent diseases. From the healing power of foods and plants, to the benefits of particular organic supplements and knowing our physiology, there’s valuable information here for everybody who wants to preserve their well-being.

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated?

The modern life takes a toll on our health, which includes our skin as well. So how can you keep your skin hydrated and preserve its natural shine and beauty?

The Unintended Consequence of Getting Healthy

Physical activity is good for us, we all know that, but we shouldn’t forget that warm and wet shoes are the perfect environment for the growth of foot fungi.

A Quick Guide On How to Have A Healthy Diet

Following hard-core diets to reach the desired figure and healthiness may very well get you only half way to your goals. How exactly should you have a healthy diet? Find out!

3 Important Foods for Maintaining Good Dental Health

Teeth are a very important organ of the human body. Having poor dental well being can lead to serious trouble. Here are 3 important foods for maintaining good dental health and avoiding oral issues.

The Top 5 Health Benefits Of CBD Oil (And How It Works)

Cannabidol oil has been an object of many studies the last decade, and scientists continue to discover its actual benefits. Here are the top 5 health benefits of CBD oil and how exactly it works.

5 Healthy Supplements for Pregnant Women

А pregnant woman often find herself in difficulty obtaining all the nutriments she needs for herself and her growing baby. Here are 5 healthy supplements for pregnant women that may give any future mom…

What Are the Benefits of Sprint Interval Training?

High intensity interval training is very popular, because it saves time and has great effect on physics. The benefits of sprint interval training are not just fat burn, but also muscle build, hormone production and cognitive boost…

5 Best Rehab Centers In The United States

Addictions are a tough burden for many people in America. If you too are trying to find proper help, you’d need the best rehab centers across the United States to give you the right guidance.

Winter Health Tips for Young Couples

Do you and your better half have a hard time sustaining good well-being in the cold season? If so, then our winter health tips for young couples might just be the push you need to keep cold and flu at bay!

10 Pure Honey Products That You Can Trust

There are countless manufacturers that sell non genuine honey, but we’ve carefully selected 10 pure honey products that you can trust to help you find a pristine one to reap its benefits!

Top 10 Candida Supplements That Will Help You Cure Fungal Infections

Have you been suffering from persistent fungal infections? Do you want a natural solution to help you get cured? Read our top candida supplements review….

Getting Your Body Back After Baby

If you’re a woman and you’re aiming at getting your body back after baby, there are a few certain steps you may want to follow in order to speed up the whole process of becoming fit again after pregnancy.

Best Liver Cleansing Foods And Herbs

Want to have a liver detox, prevent Hepatitis and maintain a healthy liver? We’re more than happy to show you the best liver cleansing foods and herbs you can use to

7 Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors For Most Accurate Monitoring

Since keeping track on your blood pressure is of great importance to your health, we’ve managed to review the best home blood pressure monitors that you can find to get the job done even if you’re not visiting your doctor that soon.

How Yoga Improves Digestion (And 7 Yoga Poses For Better Gut Health)

The ancient discipline of yoga provides a wide number of health benefits and better gut health is one of them. Learn how yoga improves digestion through 7 of the best yoga poses!

How To Do Meditation For Weight Loss?

Learning how to do meditation for weight loss is a fantastic way of profiting from some of the less known benefits of meditation! Your mind power can be the solder between your nutrition, workouts and desired goals.

The Benefits Of Using Organic Deodorants (And Top 5 Organic Deodorants)

Once you’ve learn about the benefits of using organic deodorants, you’ll know that there is a better and healthy way of controlling the sweat and bad odor of your

How To Improve Your Eyesight With Yogurt, Parsley, And Nettle

Lose the glasses or decrease your diopters in 2 months by learning how to improve your eyesight with yogurt, parsley, and nettle! A healthy method with no drawbacks!

Health Benefits of Potatoes

Loved by many, though often disregarded as a healthy type of food, potatoes offer much more than you may think! The health benefits of potatoes are…

Plants In Your Room That Promote Better Sleep

Is it possible to boost your slumber into being more effective the natural way? Yes, thanks to these plants in your room that promote better sleep!

Downsides Of Having Too Low Body Fat Index

We know everyone wants the perfect body, with minimal fat and more lean muscle. But keep in mind that there are downsides of having too low body fat

What Is Food Addiction And How To Fight It?

Learn about what food addiction is. Realize that it’s real, and that it hides serious health threats. See how you can fight food addiction if it ever happened to you.

How Much Caffeine Should You Consume Daily?

“How much caffeine should you consume daily”? If you want to know the answer to that question, plus how to avoid the side effects of caffeine overdosing, then you’re in the right place.

Why Is Fast Weight Loss Bad For You?

You want to become fit, and shed all the excessive pounds in no time, but have you thought about the probably health consequences? If you want to know why fast weight loss is bad for you, we might be able to explain a few things regarding this matter.

What Is Zeolite And What Are Its Health Benefits?

Do you know what zeolite is, and what its health benefits are?

Discover the healing power of this amazing mineral, formed millions of years ago by ground water, volcanic ash and rocks. Today zeolite is found to be highly helpful when taken both internally, and externally!

Best Breads For Weight Loss

Think it’s not possible to eat bread and lose pounds? Think again! We’re happy to share some info about the best breads for weight loss, so you can include it into your own healthy diet!

16 Of The Best Foods For Eye Health

Our eyesight is a precious gift and we should always do our best to protect it. Including some of the best foods for eye health into our diet more often, may tremendously help preserve your vision, and prevent illnesses from blurriness to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and in some cases, even  blindness.

Cannabis as a Potential Cancer Cure

Science has been studying cannabis as a potential cancer cure for quite some time now. There are numerous experiments implying that hemp has the capacity to neutralize certain types of tumors by inhibiting their growth, spreading, and preventing them in the first place thanks to its special and unique compound called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

5 Useful Tips About Starting a Healthy Kids Diet

Are your kids’ eating habits troubling you? Do you want to teach them to eat right? Here are 5 useful tips about how to start a healthy kids diet!

Foods to Avoid When You Suffer From These 5 Most Common Diseases

Diabetes, kidney stones, gout, heartburn, and rheumatoid arthritis, all of them can be relieved via the right diet, so here are the foods to avoid when you suffer from these 5 most common diseases.

What is Macrobiotics and is a Macrobiotic Diet Good for Me?

Should you decide to try living on it, a macrobiotic diet can definitely become a substantial part of your healthy lifestyle! By eating natural unprocessed food, you’ll nurture your mind and body!

5 Effective Stress Relievers with Natural Origin

Suffering from depression, anxiety stress, insomnia, and fatigue? Try dealing with all that in a with these 5 effective stress relievers with natural origin, rather than using conventional, mainstream prescriptions.

Why Add Wheatgrass to Your Juice and Smoothie Recipes (+Easy Guide on Growing Wheatgrass at Home)

Why add wheatgrass to your juice and smoothie recipes? Simple, because wheatgrass is actually a superfood and provides many valuable health benefits!

The 5 Best Milk Alternatives

While dairy intolerant people might be happiest about the existence of milk substitutes, everyone can stand to try a little coconut milk now and then.

See which are the best milk alternatives for you

Most Effective Anti-Aging Foods

Preserving youth and living for as long as possible has always been one of humanity’s sacred goals, there’s no doubt about it. There are a lot of myths, conspiracies, as well as proven means to slow down the aging process and keep diseases away.

With all the talk and theories, there’s one thing for sure – proper nutrition is fundamental for a long life and young look!

6 Food and Health Related Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes

We live in a world where mass produced foods are meant to bring money to major producers.

These food and health related documentaries will open your eyes about what you’re putting in your shopping basket and respectively in your stomach.

9 Side Effects of Too Much Dairy Intake

The side effects of too much dairy intake are not news flash at all. Excess dairy consumption can actually worsen bone health, increase inflammation, or even encourage the development of some cancer types.

Uses and Benefits of Organic Juices

Leave mass produced sugary sports drinks, and artificially flavored juices behind. Read about the uses and benefits of organic juices, and improve your life

What is Karela and What Are Its Health Benefits? ( + 5 Top Karela Supplements To Buy)

If you haven’t heard of karela, then this is something you need to read!

Karela (bitter melon) has been reccommended against many illnesses by Chinese and Indian doctors for years. Bitter melon health benefits are dozens and it’s definitely a good idea to learn more about them whether you have a medicinal condition or not.

Why Plant Based Milk is Good for You

If you want to know why plant based milk is good for you, then you’re at the right place! Dairy-free milks are a lot better for your overall well-being, for the environment, and of course – for the animals. Plant based milk is free of lactose, hormones, antibiotics, and other potential harmful additives, yet may deliver more fiber, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Houseplants That Improve Indoor Air Quality

Plants are one of Nature’s greatest creations. They are not just a beautiful live decoration in our homes. They also clean the air.

Learn about the best houseplants that improve indoor air quality, and make your house a better place to live!

The Health Benefits of Kombucha And Making it At Home

You’ve seen it at the natural food store and maybe even at your local organic eatery, but like many people, you still might not know exactly what kombucha is. It looks like tea, but if you ask any of its millions of fans worldwide, they’ll tell you that it’s much, much more!

10 Simple Advices On Starting A Raw Food Diet

These 10 simple advices on how to start a raw food diet will facilitate your journey to a healthy, raw eating!

Once you’ve taken this path, you will cleanse your entire constitution, feel energized, and maintain optimum weight.

These valuable basic tips will help you begin and stay on course once you’ve started.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen And Ways Of Taking It

If you’ve seen it in health food stores, you may well already have wondered what this bee pollen stuff is. Is it a supplement? A food? Just a bunch of small yellow rocks? How should you take it? What are its health benefits and safety factors? We’ll give an answer to every single one of these questions to let you comprehend the full essence of bee pollen.

Sprouting at Home and the Health Benefits of Eating Sprouts

Sprouts are baby plants. When a seed, bean, or nut begins to grow, it develops a tiny green tendril that would eventually become the stalk of a full-grown plant – unless, of course, you eat it first. That seed and tiny stalk is a sprout. When a plant germinates, its vitamin content can increase twentyfold, making sprouts a good source of vitamins A, E, B, and C. The seeds’ proteins also change remarkably. Sprouts also tend to be very full of enzymes that your body needs for all of its critical processes. The more of those you have, the better you’ll feel! Sprouting at home is an excellent option for locavores on a budget. Seeds are fairly inexpensive and readily available.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Honey is one of nature’s premier superfoods and there’s a lot that it can do to improve your life. Not only does honey taste good in tea, yogurt, baked goods etc. but it has been a staple anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory since ancient times. Even modern medical practitioners swear by its miraculous healing properties.

5 Natural Sweeteners That Don’t Hurt Your Health

Controlling your sugar intake is important for leading a healthy lifestyle and losing excessive weight. However people consume too much white sugar which holds potential threats. Even if taken in moderate amounts, white sugar can still have harmful effects on the metabolism and contribute to all sorts of diseases and conditions such as damaged liver, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrom, the last 4 of which result in developing insulin resistance because of the sugar. Another disadvantage of sugar is its lack of essential nutrients and the presence of “empty” calories.

Why And How To Soak Raw Nuts And Seeds?

Even certain healthy foods may cause your body some unwanted effects if you don’t consume them the right way. A good example for such superfood are raw nuts and seeds. Generally, they’re a rich source of beneficial fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and “good” enzymes, plus they’re a great healthy snack to munch on at any time. However, they also have toxins and enzyme inhibitors which are a defensive mechanism for the nuts, but are harmful to us, because they impede our own enzymes. Raw nuts also have phytic acid that prevents our bodies from proper mineral and vitamin absorption. But there is a simple solution to all of this – just soak raw seeds and nuts to lose these noxious matters.

The Best Healthy Foods For Long Life

If you are looking to live a long, healthy and happy life, then you need to make changes, one of which should be your diet. It seems so simple but is often forgotten that you must eat healthy foods if you wish to achieve that goal. The health benefits of whole, organic foods are almost innumerable and you will notice a difference within days of beginning a new diet. You’ll experience an energy boost, your skin will get smoother, the hair – stronger and your whole body will function a lot more effectively …